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Give Snoop Dogg a blank canvas, blank walls, acrylic paint, and a blunt and he will create something much more impressive than you or I were expecting.

In this incredibly moving segment put together by the women’s advocacy group Hollaback, a young woman is harassed on the street over 100 times in the series of ten hours. The video is a revealing and sometimes disturbing look at a woman’s true experience going about her everyday business. Essential viewing for anyone who thinks street harassment is benign or flattering.

Here’s an excerpt from Janis Joplin’s old road manager John Byrne Cook’s new memoir about the legendary songstress’ meteoric rise, if that wasn’t too many apostrophes for you:

“Janis opts for a single room in the front building. She says the courtyard suites are too big for her to knock around in all by herself. The boys like the suites and they each have one to themselves. The days of doubling up to save money are history.”

Amy Poehler joined Terry Gross on Fresh Air to talk her new book Yes Please and the demon voice in her head that told her she wasn’t pretty enough for this business.

A complete guide to sleeping with your ex. (If you want to make that maybe-mistake.)

A longread must: The New York City artform — and crime — of subway dancing.

Lungs be damned. Here’s where America’s smokers reside.