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GayCouples 045

Photographer Sage Sohier entered the homes of gay couples in the 1980s for an intimate, unseen look at men and women on the cusp of the gay rights movement.

Mostly known for his cheerful, nostalgic paintings of blue collar America, it turns out Norman Rockwell was also a prolific photographer. This week, more than 50,000 Rockwell photographs were released online. Whether it’s a portrait of the president, Ann-Margret, or astronauts, Rockwell had a keen sense for capturing the gilded side of history.

Meredith Haggerty goes on a valiant quest to be scammed by an online psychic over at The Daily Dot.

Read the charming, self-effacing beginnings of a comedian in this reprinted 1994 New York interview with Jon Stewart.

Chapters in books are a far more recent invention than you may have realized.

Untrue to its name, Selfie may be the new app for building community online.

KafkaRotica, the delightful website that features parody erotica in the form of classic literature has bestowed upon as a whimsical Halloween treat — The Legend of Skeezy Hollow. Ahem:

“The Headless Horseman!” I cried in shock.
My eyes were locked, my nostrils wide.
He had ridden here at twelve o’clock
To take me as his bride.”

In case you missed it, here is Prince’s mind-blowing eight-minute-long SNL medley from this weekend.