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Watch Big Boo (aka Lea DeLaria) from Orange is the New Black stand up to a homophobic subway preacher. Yes, kids, that’s the sound of a newly ripped asshole.

Modern Farmer is a magazine for city folk who dream of a rural existence.

Why you need to finish that 1,000-page novel. Pick up Ulysses again and live through the mental anguish, says Juliet Lapidos.

What it’s like for a bartender to watch your awkward Tinder date.

Because gender quality is of the utmost importance and we are the proud proprietors of the Hollywood Sex Scene Database, it’s only fair that we present to you the 50 best crotch shots from mainstream film. This is NSFW, it should go without saying.

Why weed won the election.

Revisiting the Giving Tree at 50 makes for a much sadder story than the eight-year-old you might have remembered.

Bartenders, servers, and doormen weigh in on how they work their tips out of you:

Being a waitress is like being a psychiatrist. You have to treat every table differently. Most people ask me to recommend, and I never just straight sell the most expensive item. I ask them what they want, what they are in the mood for, and slowly guide them from there. Don’t jump right to it. You have to work it. I watch for the leader—that’s the one who is paying the check, and I’m always right. I’m using reverse psychology. You go for jaws: That’s the big one. That’s the one who has the money. He’s usually the loudest.

Watch this fascinating artist make recursive video graffiti.