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Photographer Doug Menuez captured Silicon Valley’s boom in the 80s and 90s through 250,000 life-affirming, highly human frames. Whether it’s Steve Jobs as a young entrepreneur or Amazon gaining its first legs, Menuez manages to illustrate  a deeply intoxicating moment in history — catalogued in his new book Fearless Genius.

Jake Browne is the country’s first bonafide weed critic. And with more and more states decriminalizing marijuana, writers like him are here to stay. Working for The Denver Post, Browne claims it’s not merely a life of sticky-icky luxury, mid-day naps, and binge-smoking:

“The thing people say to me most often is, ‘Dude, you must have the best job ever,’ ” said Mr. Browne, sitting in his living room. “It’s either that, or, if they’re from out of state, ‘Can you send me pot?’ ”

Something you didn’t know you wanted to see: NYC’s most dazzling manhole covers.

What’s a brain-to-brain interface? Researchers from the University of Washington are attempting to wire the two brains of two people in separate locations.

In the era of nude photos leaks, analogue is coming back into focus. This is why Polaroid has seen a 75% increase in sales with the 18-25 demographic.

This is what happens to your brain when you’re lost in a book.

Look inside the fascinating light-balloon sculpture —Lichtgrenze 2014— that was erected across Berlin this weekend to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Have a minute? Read Dave Eggers’ latest fiction installment, “The Alaska of Giants and Gods:”

Then there is the happiness of one’s personal slum. The happiness of being alone, and tipsy on red wine, in the passenger seat of an ancient recreational vehicle parked in a campground outside Seward, Alaska, staring into a scribble of black trees, unable to go to sleep for fear that at any moment someone will get past the toy lock on the R.V. door and murder you and your two small children, sleeping in the alcove above.

This is the tiny police department that plans to end campus rape.