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Refinery29 recently dug up the ten ways movies get sex way, way wrong including simultaneous orgasm, UTI-less picnic sex, seamless shower sex.

What’s the hipster effect? It’s a mathematical certainty. Neuroscientists at the College de France in Paris unlocked the black-rimmed glasses and flannel epidemic:  “The hipster effect is this non-concerted emergent collective phenomenon of looking alike trying to look different.”

Photographer Benita Marcussen has captured the intimate relationship between men and their long-term Real Dolls. The result is revealing and personal and, surprisingly, not unlike our own connections to childhood security blankets.

Introducing Jenna Wortham’s new complicated series “Everybody Sexts,” in which she interviews sexters of all walks about why they sext, when they started, and the inevitability of nudes. Here’s on sexter’s account:

“This is me smiling for the camera in a bathtub in my parents’ house. I sent it last winter when I was in California around Christmas. I sent it to people who were probably 3,000 miles away in New York, because I rarely have sexual encounters with people on the West Coast. I sent it to… people whom I had just worked with and people whom I may have had sex with or whom I was possibly going to in the future? Not having much sexual release makes you take photos and send them to people, right?”

Hum is supposed to be the new iPhone of vibrators. The first artificially intelligent vibrator, it learns what your body likes and responds accordingly in custom-fit buzzes.

High Maintenance, which premieres today, is a delightful, 8-minute show about a weed dealer. How did it become the first-ever web series funded by Vimeo?