Meet the Humanitarians of Tinder, Saving the World One Dating Profile at a Time

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Starring that girl you know from college who spent a month in Ghana.

Everyone wants to present themselves well on their dating profiles. It's possible to go too far, though, and make a forced attempt to brand oneself as a younger, hotter Mother Theresa. A new Tumblr called Humanitarians of Tinder documents Westerners with photos of themselves visiting developing countries and being soooooo empathetic on everyone's favorite dating/snap judgement app. It rounds up the profiles of people's whose inner monologues I imagine go something like this:   

"I'm a good person. Just because I'm white and privileged doesn't mean I'm not a good person. And I don't have to apologize for being a good person, either. I went to Africa and Guatemala, and it's part of my experience, so I can show a picture of me smiling with a gaggle of pantless brown children on my Tinder. It happened. It's not bragging about how worldly and selfless and kind and humble I am. I just am. I helped. Me and my two soft, weak hands and my pop cultural knowledge did good for those three weeks of my sophomore year winter break. If I saw these pictures on Tinder, I would definitely want to have sex with me." 

I know I'm being too mean, and that it's noble and admirable to try to help struggling people, but is the goal to help, or is it to get a cute photo opportunity that will one day hopefully get you laid? If you are the human you're trying to help the most on your humanitarian trip, other people can tell. So keep the third-world selfies to yourself – or at least your Instagram.

image via Humanitarians of Tinder

[h/t Lindsey Weber]