These Alfred Hitchcock and Edward Hopper Mashup Posters Are Eerily Perfect

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Artist Mark McEvoy beautifully mixes the two icons’ signature images.

Alfred Hitchcock is one of film’s greatest directors. Edward Hopper is the 20th century master whose most famous painting is Nighthawks. Film and art history buffs will know that Hopper’s painting The House by the Railroad inspired the look of the Bates house from Hitchcock’s movie Psycho. Artist Mark McEvoy played with this fact by laying the movie titles over the painting, creating a fake poster that pays tribute to and captures the spirit of both.

He gave the same treatment to a few more Hopper paintings. The project captures the suspense of both the movies and the paintings. Hopper’s paintings have a menacing, ominous quality, as if they capture the quiet moments right before something terrible is revealed. And Hitchcock, well, is the Master of Suspense.


A Room In New York

Cape Cod Morning

Images via Mark McEvoy