I Don’t Think Christian Grey is Supposed to Look Like a TV Dad

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Maybe it’s the car. Maybe it’s the reflection of the friendly neighborhood leafy trees. Or maybe it’s because the only red-blooded male who would attempt to pull off a leather jacket that shiny would be a dad trying to gain back some of his cool as the subplot of a midseason episode of a charming dramedy on the CW. Whatever it is, Focus Features just released the first image of Jamie Dornan as 50 Shades of Grey‘s allegedly dashing Christian Grey, and well, it’s not really sexy or seductive. Unless Reverend Eric Camden from Seventh Heaven, mixed with a dash of Michael C. Hall is your thing. In which case, carry on.

For what it’s worth, The World Cup is allegedly the time that housewives are rubbing one out repeatedly and often, so Focus Features has another few weeks to really step things up. May I humbly suggest a little less suburbia, and a little more sadomasochism?