Classic Movie Monsters Pose as Hilariously Sexy Calendar Pin-Ups

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Januwerewolf through Gremlember

L.A.-based artist and general sci-fi fanatic, Erika Deoudes, has unveiled her 2014 Calendar of Sexy Monsters. The set of twelve illustrations feature monsters from famous movies as traditional pin-ups. 

The monsters, which include cult favorites like The Blob and Godzilla, are showing a side you've never seen. "Always suggestive, but never explicit – these are very freaky  monsters, but the kind you can take home to mother." Only 11 of the calendar's sultry drawings were revealed – Mr. December is a big surprise for those who purchase.

The calendars are available on Deoudes' site ranging from $30-$160 depending on size. 

[h/t Design Taxi}