Is Monogamy a Myth? A New Documentary Explores Whether We’re Wired for Fidelity

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The new film Why Knot poses the question we're all too afraid to ask.

Recently the trailer for the new documentary Why Knot was uploaded on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo, and if it is released, there will surely be an uproar. While it's accepted that sexual fidelity is a basic tenant of marriage, the film calls into question the purpose of monogamy on a purely physical and biological level. In a world where, according to the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, 41 percent of married couples experience some sort of infidelity, there needs to be some sort of discussion about the ubiquity of cheating. This film hopes to be the icebreaker.

The filmmaker Dhruv Dhawan explains, "this documentary is a journey through the intellectual and emotional landscape of monogamy," and it features leading figures in science and literature on both sides of the argument. Some of the prominent names interviewed in the film include Dr. Christopher Ryan, author of the 2010 controversial nonfiction investigation Sex at Dawn, Dossie Easton (The Ethical Slut), Dr. David Barash, Dr. Judith Lipton (The Myth of Monogamy) and Dr. Stephanie Coontz (Marriage, A History).

Watch the trailer below.