40. Charlize Theron

The versatile Theron was as comfortable in the absurd universe of Arrested Development as she was in the gritty North Country, proving that true beauty lies in adaptability. And also in incredible bone structure.


39. Megan Fox

An icon for our time, Megan Fox's parted full lips and sloping eyebrows evoke the image of Elizabeth Taylor on a stripper pole.


38. Monica Vitti

As Michaelangelo Antonioni's muse and the star of Red Desert, Italian actress Monica Vitti feasted on the public's gaze like a wolf. With her long, fawnlike lashes and impeccably structured face, Vitti inspired a sense of adventure and longing that somehow made lust feel like high art.


37. Eva Mendes

If Eva Mendes' ass is not insured, it should be. It first came to prominence via a brief turn in Training Day, before occupying a more prominant role in Once Upon A Time In Mexico. But in that later film, audiences came to appreciate more about Mendes than just her curves — she was able to match Johnny Depp's smoky sex appeal without breaking a sweat.


36. Lucy Liu

There's something ominous and commanding about Lucy Liu's sexuality, whether she's in full business wear or a kimono. Her piercing glances and cutting line readings started commanding attention and libidos in Charlie's Angels and Kill Bill, proving that you don't need whips or chains to be every inch the dominatrix.


35. Anita Ekberg

You could argue that Fellini made Anita Ekberg a sex symbol with her frolic through the Trevi Fountain in La Dolce Vita. But with a perfect pin-up physique and purposely staged wardrobe malfunctions, the Swedish-American, wide-mouthed blonde probably would've done it on her own.


34. Aishwarya Rai

Aishwarya Rai is an unreal, uncommon beauty worthy of the title Miss World, which she took home in 1994. That she remains an international sexual dynamo despite her reserved M.O. and absence of American film credits only speaks to the potency of her heavy-lidded green eyes and caramel-toned skin.


33. Michelle Pfeiffer

Michelle Pfeiffer clad in a plunging red dress, legs spread across a grand piano, growling out "Makin' Whoopee" in The Fabulous Baker Boys seems like a play from a sex-symbol how-to guide.


32. Ava Gardner

Though this classic screen actress was often flanked by giants like Clark Gable, Humphrey Bogart, and third husband Frank Sinatra, Ava Gardner's incomparable grace needed no foundation to lean on.Often cited as the most beautiful woman in film history, she deployed a less-overt sexuality that often placed her in direct opposition to the conspicuous eroticism of Marilyn Monroe. Talk about a clash of the titans.


31. Kim Basinger

One of the many model-turned-actresses to grace this list, Kim Basinger suggests a sharper-edged Brigitte Bardot. There was something for everyone in this Bond girl; she aggregated quite an eclectic group of lovers, from Alec Baldwin to Prince.


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