MTV Banned Lily Allen’s ‘Our Time’ Video Because It Depicts Her Fighting With Herself, Dressed as a Hot Dog

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And other forms of "anti-social behavior."

MTV has banned the music video for Lily Allen's "Our Time" during daytime broadcasts. Why? Not only does the pop singer — who appears as multiple characters — drink from a flask, puke, and smoke a cigarette in a taxi, she gets into a hair-pulling scuffle with a version of herself wearing a hot dog costume.

Lily broke the news by tweeting a screenshot of an e-mail from her management:

You heard it here first: hot dog attacks are the greatest threat facing America's youth today.

It's unclear why MTV, of all their content, picked this battle to fight — honestly, as far as I'm concerned, the most scandalous thing to happen in the video is when Lily drunkenly neglects to pay her cabbie. Watch "Our Time" and decide for yourself.

Images via YouTube and Twitter.