6. Daft Punk, No End (March 13)

Well, dodging the streams of misinformation surrounding the new Daft Punk album is difficult, but different web sites (and other bands) have leaked the title and a possible March release date, so who knows? The list of collaborators on this sucker is astounding, though — Giorgio Moroder at one point said he'd recorded a "rap" for it, Chic guitarist and legendary producer Nile Rodgers is reportedly "hyped" to be working on it, and lastly, piano virtuoso Chilly Gonzalez also recorded something for it. At this point, it's either going to be mindblowing or a massive letdown. I have faith in the former.


7. The Knife, Shaking the Habitual, (April 8)

The long-awaited follow-up to 2006's Silent Shout, Shaking The Habitual has already been hyped beyond belief, even before The Knife released this cryptic, David Lynchian teaser video. The brother-sister duo of Karin Dreijer Andersson and Olof Dreijer's last work was a collaboration with Mr. Sims and Planningtorock on a 2010 opera, Tomorrow, In a Year, which was apparently loosely based on Charles Darwin's On The Origin of Species. And Andersson put out a solo album in 2009. But officially, this'll be the first new Knife in nearly seven years. Prepare yourself.


8. Queens of the Stone Age

Don't know what it is, or what it's about, but it's the first album since Lullabies to Paralyze, the first since the only-sort-of-marginally-awesome Them Crooked Vultures project, and most importantly, the first Queens record with Dave Grohl drumming since Songs For The Deaf. (Do yourself a favor and re-listen to that sucker. It slays.) And though Nick Oliveri, another crucial element of the Songs magic, has disappeared into a big vortex of crazy, my hopes remain high. So should yours.


9. M.I.A., Matangi

Speaking on Twitter last August about the long-delayed, apparently kind of insane Matangi, M.I.A. said, "No one in the industry collected blows in the last three years as much as me. This [Matangi] is a fuck you to them and a thank you to you." Then again, in the same Twitter session, she also described it as "sweet and sour bitter and salt and HOT !" Whatever its taste profile, Matangi will include last year's titanic single "Bad Girls," though, so that's something to go on.


10. My Bloody Valentine

Might never happen. Also, considering the number of MBV imitators out there, do we really need it to happen? Yes. Yes, we do.


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