2012’s 10 Sexiest Men in Indie Rock

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2012's 10 Sexiest Men in Indie Rock

It's not fair to be this good-looking and this talented.

Rock lends itself to sexiness. First of all, it's loud. Second of all, it's frequently sweaty, and third of all, two-thirds of its lyrical content is obliquely concerned with sex. But there's a divide between the sexiness of arena-hopping Billboard chart rock and the more low-key indie-rock aesthetic. Despite the endless quibbling over what actually constitutes "indie," let's just say that all these guys fit the definition (at least partially), all of them have (or had) an album in 2012, and all of them look good in a pair of skinny jeans.

10. David Longstreth (Dirty Projectors)

Though I can't entirely wrap my head around the Dirty Projectors' music as much as I think I should, I do have to say that Longstreth, the mastermind of the willfully weird indie abstractionists, is very sexy indeed. Sometimes I have no idea what's going on with his fractured guitar excursions or his melismatic vocals, but I'd like to stare deeply into his eyes for long amounts of time to find out. — Alex Heigl

Listen: "Gun Has No Trigger"


9. Colin Caulfield (Young Man)

Oh boy, does this fella have a lot of feelings. But with brows like that, resting gently above the most sincere of eyes, what else could you possibly expect? Caulfield made a name for himself covering a number of songs on Youtube, which eventually segued into original material, a record deal, and now, an ambitious (planned) three-volume opus. The second of these, Vol. 1, (yes, we know) is full of dreamy, slightly psychedelic melodies that make you wish you were in a car in the middle of summer headed to a cabin the woods at twilight. With him. Obviously. — Alisa Mackay

Listen: "Fate"


8. Brian Fallon (The Gaslight Anthem)

It's a weird combination of his whiskered puppy-dog looks and heart-on-the-sleeve songs, but sometimes I think Brian Fallon might be Ryan Gosling's secret New Jersey twin. And then there's the tattoos, the go-for-broke live presence, the sexy greaser look, and the gravelly, just-dangerous-enough voice… whew. Pardon me. I have to drive to New Jersey at once. — A.H. 

Listen: "45"


7. Peter Silberman (The Antlers)

Cherubic features? Check. Iridescent, fathomless eyes? Check. Softly-curling locks? Check. The wherewithal to write a concept album telling the story of a relationship through a hospice worker and a terminally ill patient (2009's Hospice)? Check. A new EP concerned entirely with… water (the forthcoming Undersea)? Peter, you ambitious, dashing rogue, you. — A.H.

Listen: "Drift Dive"

6. Ty Segall

Segall says his latest release is "evil, evil space rock" but it all sounds like such a good time that you can't help but want drink beers, hop fences and skinny dip in the neighbor's pool with the kid. He doesn't take himself too seriously, describing his distinctly lo-fi music as "cherry cola, snow cones, and taffy" but he's one of indie rock's hardest workers, as his prodigious output indicates. Plus, he’s sort of a ginger (represent!). And he likes kittens! — A.M. 

Listen: "I Bought My Eyes"


5. Michael Kiwanuka

Kiwanuka's heady brew of throwback soul and acoustic ballads have rightly launched him into a spotlight that most twenty-four-year-olds only dream of in their studio apartments. Like Bill Withers (who Kiwanuka cites as an influence), there's a real down-home, manly sexiness to Kiwanuka's music, which contrasts nicely with his very English and very dapper cardigans-and-tweed style. I do love a man in a cabbie hat. — A.H. 

Listen: "I'll Get Along"


4. Deck D’arcy (Phoenix)

Does having a fuckyeah Tumblr automatically garner you hot-dude indie cred? How about proximity to the Coppolas? How about a sexily percussive first name, and an apostrophe in your last name? Because Deck D’arcy has all of these things, as well as perpetually rosy cheeks. And, he plays bass, which, as everybody knows, means he is probably good with his hands. While Phoenix is reportedly working on a more experimental release for 2012, hopefully the rigors of innovation won’t sully D’arcy’s boyish good looks or his beguiling Gallic charms. — A. M.

Listen: "1901"


3. Michael Angelakos (Passion Pit)

Sometimes, a person just has a good face. Passion Pit's high-pitched vocalist Michael Angelakos is one of those people. There's hardly a picture available that doesn't show him either grinning like a goofball or screeching into a microphone, full of unabashed enthusiasm. And then he can turn around and look unfairly dapper in a suit. Plus, scruff. (If you’re into that kind of thing. Which I am. Call me?) — A.M.

Listen: "I'll Be Alright"


2. Anand Wilder (Yeasayer)

Anand Wilder is beautiful, even with long hair. (Long-haired men weird me out purely because my mom is into them. She loves Robert Plant.) A classically-trained cellist whose influences are as disparate as TLC and Simon and Garfunkel, Wilder plays guitar, keyboards, and sings — now that's an indie-rock catch. And how could you not be into a band that makes videos simultaneously referencing Meshes of the Afternoon and The Abyss? — A.M.

Listen: "Henrietta"


1. Kele Okereke (Bloc Party)

When Bloc Party's long-awaited fourth album arrives later this year, it will no doubt be greeted with a resurgence of Tumblr and Pinterest-related interest in Kele Okereke. This will be based largely on his voice and musical talents, but also on his megawatt, insanely endearing smile. We could power an amusement park with this man's face. — A.H. 

Listen: "3 x 3" (Sorry about the quality, but this is a brand-new song that made its live debut last month