Cult Emo Band American Football Releases Video 15 Years in the Making

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American Football, cult emo band of the late ’90s, is pushing the “emo-revival” movement to full force. When tickets to their reunion shows sold out in about 15 minutes, I was heartbroken that my fingers just weren’t quick enough, but I was thankfully rescued by a friend of mine that was able get them. Then to my surprise, I scrolled down my Tumblr feed yesterday to see a video by American Football making it’s way through my dashboard. I was confused at first, then elated, and then completely, nostalgically sad.

Fifteen years ago, “Never Meant” was a song that defined my life – a song about lost love, and acceptance, and basically what being emo stood for. And now,  American Football has created the perfect full-circle video for a song that means a lot more to me, and to certainly a lot of other people, 15 years after it all started. It’s definitely worth the wait.

[h/t Pitchfork]