Death Grips, America’s Most Dangerous Rap Group, Just Blindsided Us with a New Album Featuring Bjork on Every Track

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Death Grips, the prolific and unpredictable noise-rap group notorious for not showing up to shows and getting dropped from Sony because they leaked their own penis-covered album, released a new album late last night. It’s called Niggas On the Moon, and it’s the first half of a double album called The Powers That B, which will be released in full this fall. The second half, which could appear tomorrow or not appear at all, will be called Jenny Death. Like Death Grips’ previous albums No Love Deep Web and Government Plates, this new work was released for free suddenly and without fanfare via Death Grips’ website.

According to a note on the download page, Niggas On the Moon features Björk on all eight tracks, but that’s only sort of true. Bjork’s vocals are in the mix, but as chopped-up, nonverbal fragments. She’s a part of the larger cacophony of grinding synths and glitching drum machines and MC Ride’s apocalyptic yell-rapping. One song is called “Have A Sad Cum.” The album follows Death Grips’ template of not giving a fuck about any rules whatsoever.

Death Grips is the most subversive group in the pop music landscape right now. The music they make is a vital counterpoint to bland goodtimes escapist party rock (they are not happy, like a room without a roof). Niggas On the Moon is required listening for anyone who considers dance a form of rebellion. If you’re not sure you want to download yet, you can stream the album on YouTube. But, trust me, you want to.