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Greetings Earthlings,

‘Tis the season to pop that champagne cork and light up a Virginia Slims menthol (or perhaps something stronger) by the fireplace as you enjoy a collection of yuletide deep cuts from my personal collection. Although the mix is subtitled “A Holiday Fitness Mix,” don’t bother hitting the gym this year. Focus your energies instead on a more esoteric fitness of mind, body, and spirit that can only be achieved during this special season. This mix is dedicated to those of us who know the truth about Christmas — that Santa Claus is an alien and his reindeer are tripping their tails off on magic mushrooms. Cheers to a weird and wacky 2015.

With Love,
Dent May


Track List:

Andre Champagne Commercial
Esquivel – White Christmas
The Three Wise Men – Countdown To Christmas Party Time
Luther Vandross – The Mistletoe Jam (Everybody Kiss Somebody)
Busy Boys – Funky Fresh Xmas
Quad City DJs, 69 Boyz, & K-Nock – What You Want For Christmas
Saint Etienne – I Was Born On Christmas Day
Erotic Drum Band – Love Christmas Style
BBC Weird Nature Excerpt
Rotary Connection – Silent Night Chant
The Free Design – Close Your Mouth (It’s Christmas)
Erasure – She Won’t Be Home
Bruce Haack – I Like Christmas
Jack Blanchard – A Weird Little Christmas
The Dream Scene – Sleigh Ride
Dead Gaze – Silver Bells
The Beach Boys – Auld Lang Syne (Melted)

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