Five Albums You Should Be Listening To Right Now: Music That’s Nu2Me

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A new project from an ex-Handsome Fur, and an EP called Sex. We're all in.  

Music That's Nu2Me was created in March of 2011 to share music that people may not hear through mainstream media. It's grown into a fun, genre-spanning collection of songs, artists, and albums. For music without limits or elitism, be sure to check back daily.

1. The 1975, Sex (2012)

The 1975's new EP, Sex, is a short but enjoyable experience, which is fitting, considering the title. Despite only having four songs and one hidden bonus track, Sex has a cohesive, complete sound to it that most full-length albums would aspire to. The 1975's dreamy, expansive songs make a great addition to your daily work playlist — let your stress drift away into a sea of ethereal guitars and echoing vocals.

Listen: "You"


2. Blue Scholars, Cinemetropolis (2011)

When it comes to telling a story with lyrics — the kind that paints a vivid picture in your mind as you listen — not many artists do it better than Blue Scholars. And the most recent effort from this Seattle duo, Cinemetropolis, is some of the best evidence I can offer for that argument. Cinemetropolis album features track after track of fantastical, whimsical stories, the kind fit for Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, but with decidedly inappropriate-for-children twists.

Listen: "Anna Karina"


3. Electric Guest, Mondo (2012)

Electric Guest's new album Mondo was recommended to me by a friend of mine, which is the entire reason I started MusicThatsNu2Me — there's nothing like getting great music from friends. Mondo is full of toe-tapping beats that remind me of the days when MGMT knew what they were doing and Vampire Weekend was still putting out new music. Speaking of friends, Electric Guest had their buddy Brian Burton (a.k.a. Danger Mouse) help with production on Mondo, which really brought things up a notch or two. Not a bad friend to have.

Listen: "Waves"


4. 41st and Home, Raised By Wolves (2012)

41st and Home are a DIY band in every sense of the word. Besides spitting out great tunes one after the other, they do all of their recording, production, and marketing themselves. With that kind of discipline and drive, it should come as no surprise that these Canadian science nerds (they met at the University of British Columbia) are also talented multi-instrumentalists. Their far-ranging and expansive music incorporates all kinds of sounds for the kind of sweeping, orchestral tunes that fans of Arcade Fire and Broken Social Scene will recognize and love.

Listen: "Wilderness Eyes"


5. Divine Fits, A Thing Called Divine Fits (2012)

Made up of one part Handsome Furs, one part Spoon, and all parts awesome, the Divine Fits came together earlier this year after Dan Boeckner of Handsome Furs announced his band would be going on hiatus. And while the story of a from-the-ashes supergroup might be a cliche, the from-the-ashes album that came out of it, A Thing Called Divine Fits, is anything but. Taking influence from both source bands, it jumps back and forth between steady, thumping bass lines and energetic, dancey synths. It's the best of both worlds, to use another completely true cliche.

Listen: "Would That Not Be Nice"