Six Albums You Should Be Listening To Right Now: Daniel Bedingfield

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The dance-pop maven gives us five album recommendations, and one extra for luck.

1. JMSN, Priscilla (2012)

I had the pleasure of meeting this genius in L.A. last year. (He's pretty good friends with one of my best friends Cory Enemy). Christian Berishaj/JMSN is one of the most insanely innovative producers I know of. His music sits somewhere between The Weeknd and Frank Ocean, but that doesn't really cover it. You must hear "Runaway" and "Fallin'."Priscilla is on track to be my favorite album of 2012 judging by how many repeats it's had on my Spotify, and how eminently applicable it was during the many moments I had it playing on my iPhone speakers.

Listen: "Runaway"


2. Die Antwoord, TEN$ION (2011)

"You make a Ninja wanna fuck!" is still so hysterically funny. The beats are mad as well: "Fatty Boom Boom," and "Zefside Zol" in particular. It's all just dirty, dirty music, drawing from the filthy minds of the white-trashiest of South Africa's Cape Town ghettos. Yolandi Visser has got to be one of the hottest humans to have ever graced our earth too. 

Listen: "Fatty Boom Boom"


3. Daniel Bedingfield, Secret Fear (2012)

This is the first thing I've released in eight years. (Thanks, Universal Music.) A taste of some of the new direction I've been playing with in my recordings over the last eight years of bondage to the Madam (My colorful alternative to "The Man"). Check out the full frontal in "Secret Fear," directed and produced by yours truly. It was definitely tricky to film myself naked, I must say — I was assisted by massive screens that allowed me to see myself.

Listen: "Secret Fear"


4. Blundetto, Warm My Soul (2012)

Reggae the way I need it: deep, warm, and powerful. Best used with a beach, sandals, and hot semi-clad women — do not forget the brewskies. The title track "Warm my Soul"  is my favorite reggae track since "Welcome to Jamrock."

Listen: "Warm My Soul"


5. Deerhoof, Breakup Song (2012)

This is my favorite band alive; I don't believe I've disliked anything they've yet done. Amazing, deeply challenging, emotive. You've got to hear these guys. Also try: Offend Maggie and Friend Opportunity.

Listen: "We Do Parties"


6. Polica, Give You the Ghost (2012)

I was going to pick "Frank Ocean's Channel Orange for "Pyramid," but in the end I'm crazier about Polica. Take two drummers, strange vocal effects, and one insane hit — "Lay Your Cards Out" — and you have the perfect album to make love to. (Tried and tested.)

Listen: "Lay Your Cards Out"