Sir Mix-A-Lot Performed ‘Baby Got Back’ with the Seattle Symphony and It Was Incredible

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On Friday I saw Outkast perform. I love Outkast. I think they’re among the all-time greatest pop musicians, comparable to the Beatles or the Beach Boys. They put on an incredible performance, an hour-and-a-half set of all classics. They even did “Int’l Players Anthem.” Andre 3000 was wearing a blonde wig and a jumpsuit that said “Art or Fart?” During “Hey Ya,” he invited about five women up onstage to dance while he sang. It was a spectacular moment, watching Andre 3000, who we thought was never coming back to rap, perform his most transcendent song to an audience of thousands of people losing their minds.

But Sir Mix-A-Lot performing “Baby Got Back” with the Seattle Symphony makes Outkast look like chumps.

Andre 3000 had five girls. Sir Mix-A-Lot had like 30. Andre 3000 had a wig. Sir Mix-A-Lot had a cello player wearing sunglasses. Everybody loves “Hey Ya!” Everybody and their mother loves “Baby Got Back.” “Baby Got Back” is about butts. I rest my case.