The 10 Sexiest Music Videos of 2012

Butts look really good on Vimeo.

By Lizzie Plaugic

Music was pretty damn sexy in 2012 — thanks largely to Frank Ocean's Channel Orange and the fact that LMFAO broke up — but there were a few music videos that stuck out in their swoon-worthiness. Browse through our list and for the love of God, don't get lotion on your keyboard.

10. Le1f, "Wut"

Le1f shows off his dance moves, while I cry because I can't mimic them well enough. He grinds, twirls his gum, and perches on the lap of a naked, glistening man wearing a plastic Pikachu mask. It reminds me of every time I had a crush in middle school.

NEXT: "It's like a half-naked, fucked-up, Easter-egg hunt..."


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