The Nerve Mixtape With Matt & Kim

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The Nerve Mixtape With Matt & Kim

Indie rock's most adorable couple hip us to their seduction playlist.

Matt & Kim have been bringing their infectious dance-punk to the masses for some time now. You may recognize the jangley piano of their biggest hit, "Daylight," or you might have caught one of their transcendent live shows, but either way, you should check out their newest release, Lightning, out Tuesday on Fader. In the meantime, check out Kim's seduction playlist below, which she swears works on Matt every time. The picks are… surprising, to say the least. 

1. 2 Live Crew, "Me So Horny"
Sometimes you need to be straightforward and just get all the cards on the table. Your partner will thank you in the long run.


2. Ying Yang Twins, "Wait (The Whisper Song)"  
If the mood isn't right, try to whisper what you want. It always works!


3. DJ Funk, "Dik Work" 
Sometimes, you need to tell the person you're getting down with what you really want.


4. DJ EZ Rock & Rob Base, "It Takes Two"
Sometimes, it's just that simple. Of course, it can also take three, but three isn't romantic — it's just straight nasty!


5. Donnis, "Tonight" 
Donnis has the smoothest voice. You might need this to settle the mood if your partner wasn't down with "Dik Work."


6. DJ DMC, "Birth Control"
I always support safe sex, but I couldn't find a condom song, so this is just a reminder to pop that pill before you pop!


7. 50 Cent, "Candy Shop"
I mean, this is just a sweet beat to fuck to. Sorry, I mean "be romantic" to.


8. Usher, "Love in This Club"
I don't need to say anything about Usher. Just that he will get you laid, and that's plenty romantic!


9. Beyonce, "Video Phone" 
If you want to add some technology to your night.


10. T.I., "Whatever You Like" 
Well, T.I. is just straight smooth. He'll give you whatever you like, which clearly, everyone wants in a partner.