The Nerve Mixtape With Bloody Lovely Audrey

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Bloody Lovely Audrey is a grunge indie band from Australia. They want you to have angry sex.

1. "Orchestra of Wolves," Gallows (Sinead's pick)

This song is gutter punk at its finest, with some of the best tongue-in-cheek sexy lyrics around. Something about Frank Carter's voice is perfect at setting the scene for raucous nocturnal happenings.

Orchestra Of Wolves by Gallows on Grooveshark

2. "Purple Stain," Red Hot Chilli Peppers (Andy's pick)

A defining album for pretty much everyone our age. This track in particular always seemed super sexy to me, probably due to the funky-as-all-get-out bass and guitar interplay coupled with Monty Python references. If I had a dollar for every time I'd had sex whilst listening to this song…..I'd have fifty cents.

Purple Stain by Red Hot Chilli Peppers on Grooveshark

3. "I Want You (She's So Heavy)," The Beatles (Rob's pick)

A dark and sexy moment from the bands' Abbey Road album that kind of took me by surprise on my first listen. It's interesting to see their progression from writing more innocent pop songs about wanting to hold girls' hands to writing a straight up fuck song. The outro is pretty badass too.

4. "Jesus Built My Hotrod," Ministry (Seb's Pick)

You can only really fuck someone you hate to this song. Maybe an ex, maybe? But seriously, this stuff taps into me in my teens. Lots of drinking and sex with this track in the background. Classic Ministry. Still gives me chills. If you fuck to this song, you can't hold back. You have to do whatever the music tells you to…and don't stop.

Jesus Built My Hotrod by Ministry on Grooveshark

5. "Only You," Portishead (Andy's pick)

Nobody, but nobody does sexy music like Portishead. The beat in this track is amazing, and Beth Gibbons voice is more sultry than Marilyn Monroe dressed as a Sultan whilst eating sultanas.

Only you by Portishead on Grooveshark

6. "Like A Drug," Queens of the Stone Age (Rob's pick)

A song that sounds like it could have been taken straight from a Quentin Tarantino film or found in the corner of a smoky titty bar somewhere deep in the Californian desert. Josh Homme channels the crooner style of Chris Isaak with a groin-tingling falsetto that oozes sex appeal and only helps to deepen my man crush for the ginger Elvis of rock.

Like A Drug by Queens of the Stone Age on Grooveshark

7. "All I Need," Air (Seb's Pick)

If you and your partner have had a great night out and this is the part of the night where you do what needs to be done, this is the track to do it to. Roll a joint, drink some wine, and play this track. You can't go wrong.

All I Need by Air on Grooveshark

8. "Venus in Furs," Velvet Underground (Sinead's pick)

"Shiny,shiny/shiny boots of leather'… the song's hypnotic swell is perfectly tuned for languid trysts. Listen to this goddamn song. Enough said.

Venus in Furs by The Velvet Underground on Grooveshark

9. "Heat," Bloody Lovely Audrey (unanimously picked)

Watch the video. You'll understand:

Check out Bloody Lovely Audrey's bandcamp here.