This Is the Music Your State is Obsessed With

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Other than Beyoncé, of course.

Each state in America is its own special snowflake. We each have our own state motto, our own state bird, and our very own sexual endurance. Now, thanks to the work of music blogger Paul Lamere, we can all have our own regional auditory mascots. Lamere created the above map by tracking the usage of about a quarter million Spotify users and discovered, not what music is most popular in each state (Daft Punk and Jay-Z, duh), but which music each state likes disproportionately more than the others. 

The results, of course, are telling of the unique character of each state. James Blake enthusiasts in New York have a major case of the feels, narcissists in New Jersey like the Boss, and Missouri is stuck in a Garden State loop. And Linkin Park? I am sorry, Arizona, but you have failed this test.

[h/t Gawker]

Image via Music Machinery.