Watch This Extremely Rare Footage of the Velvet Underground Shot by Andy Warhol

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This clip of the Velvets in Boston in 1967 is one of the only videos of the band performing in existence.

Last week, Youtuber John Colon uploaded a recently recovered video of the Velvet Underground performing live in Boston in 1967. This would be notable on its own, as very little audio/video-synced performance footage of the Velvets exists, but what makes this really special is that this was filmed by Andy Warhol himself.

The quality is poor, but snatches of classics like "Run Run Run" and "Guess I'm Falling In Love" can be made out in the first half of the video. The second half of the half-hour clip is filled by a complete performance of the immortal "Sister Ray." This is an amazing historical and artistic document from the year the The Velvet Underground & Nico came out. Watch the extremely rare moment in musical history below. 

[H/T Dangerous Minds]