Norm MacDonald Is A Hilarious Comedian, but He Doesn’t Really Do Comedy

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The erstwhile Weekend Update anchor did an AMA last night, and it was too odd for primetime.

Norm Macdonald might be a genius. I don't mean that in a comedy sense, I mean that in a high IQ sense. Like if he wasn't a standup comedian, he'd be a metaphysicist. His comedy is metaphysical. He could be a professor of philosophy if he didn't need to fund his gambling.The entertainment industry knows he's funny, but has been unable to figure out what to do with him. He's too idiosyncratic. He's funniest when he's just answering questions as himself and being a weird deconstructionist and operating on his own wavelength, like he is in his answers to questions he answered during a recent Reddit AMA. Norm talks about death and literature and Burt Reynolds and addresses all his answers to Victoria, the woman transcribing the interview. It's fascinating. Where does a mind like this come from? 

On Burt Reynolds: 


On Stan Hooper:


On comedy:

(Jesus, that O.J. joke is perfect)


On the Big Questions:

There is no better place this man belongs than hosting a late-night talk show, because that's the only format that could be modified to fit Norm's peculiar brilliance. #LateLateNormNorm. If you've never seen his appearance on Conan mocking Carrot Top, watch it right now, please. I share it any chance I get, because it's the best talk show appearance ever, and one of the best comedy bits ever. If you have seen it, watch it again. It never gets old. 

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