Pink’s Hunky Grammys Performance Partner Is the King of Shirtless Selfies

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All hail the king. 

Pink was an undeniable shining star at last night's Grammy Awards. The pop star entered the arena from the ceiling for a Cirque de Soleil inspired performance of her hit single "Try," and while the aerobatics were very reminiscent of her gravity-defying 2010 Grammy performance of "Just Give Me a Reason," there was one thing that helped kick up the heat this time around – Colt Prattes.

This isn't the first time we've seen the Broadway actor turned Pink backup dancer. He's featured in the steamy music video for "Try," where the two perform a touching lyrical dance in an abandoned home to explain the pain of domestic abuse. The two performed a live version of the song and dance at the 2012 American Music Awards. 

What's so impressive about watching Colt perform is how well and agile he moves for a man with his frame, which he credits to bodybuilding. We're taking a look at some of the cut dancer's sexiest pics here. 

Watch Colt in action in the "Try" music video below. 

Images via Twitter