Popular Fictional Characters Experiencing the Secret Guilty Pleasures of Everyday Life

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Sex, drugs, and bananas?

Comic book superheroes and childhood cartoons paint a picture of the highest quality, upright behavior and family-friendly lifestyles. But if these pop culture characters were living in the real world, they'd be involved in their fair share of public drama. If Britney flashed the paparazzi with her panty-less crotch, maybe Wonder Woman also forgot her undergarments under her super skirt. And remember when Lindsay Lohan found herself in a long-term lesbian relationship? Maybe Catwoman and Poison Ivy, two of Batman's biggest female villains, also couldn't resist a dip in the lady pool. French illustrator Gregoire Guillemin is constantly updating his series, Secret Hero Life, where he imagines catching our favorite fantasy fixtures indulging in desires of mere mortals. Check out the naughty images below. 

[h/t Lost At E Minor]