Praise the Lord, the ‘Magic Mike’ Sequel Is Coming Summer 2015

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A world where summer tent poles mean strippers.

If you have been living in a world bereft of Channing Tatum's pectoral muscles, you no longer have to be. It was announced today that a sequel to the smash hit Magic Mike, titled Magic Mike XXL, will be coming to theaters July 3, 2015. The sequel comes in the wake of the $113.7 million box office success of the first film and with recent news that the stripper dramedy will have its own Broadway musical. Greg Jacobs (Steven Soderbergh's assistant) is set to direct and Channing Tatum and Reid Carolin are teaming up once again to co-write the script. (Uh, is letting Channing Tatum write a good idea?) All of this news is enough to steam up an already sweltering Fourth of July and you have a year to prepare for it. No words can express our excitement, so here are a few GIFs.

Image via Iron Horse Entertainment.