Vladimir Putin Butt Plug Promises All the Pleasure of Russia’s Beloved Leader

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Sandstone sex toys as soft as Vladimir's heart. 

A "political sculptor" and our newest hero, Fernando Sosa is seizing the moment and creating novelty sex toys of Vladimir Putin. Butt plugs to be precise. According to the Huffington Post, Sosa's butt plugs were crafted using a 3D printer which, when coupled with Sosa's talent, explains the eerily awesome detail. Originally, Sosa wanted to create a voodoo doll but settled on a butt plug because, well, it's just a much better fit. 

However, the butt plugs available now from Sosa's website are made of 100% sandstone (yes, rocks). So for the time being, no sticking it anywhere inside of you. Please. Thankfully, Sosa is in talks with "a few people" to help him buy raw materials that would be more suited for human use. Until then, enjoy the idea that a Putin butt plug exists and someday soon, you might be able to put in Putin.

Images via Political Sculptor, Shapeways