16. Professor Whitman (John Michael Higgins)

A parody of Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society, Professor Whitman is there mostly to annoy Jeff, who has no interest in seizing the day. The character doesn’t get to do much, but comedy vet John Michael Higgins brings just the right kind of desk-jumping verve.

15. Senor Chang (Ken Jeong)

I'm going to get hell for this, but Senor Chang's manic, grating character is the only main character the show just can't seem to get right. He's meant to be pathetic and off-putting, sure, but he needs to be those thing and also funny. There is something about the way Ken Jeong portrays Chang that is just one step too far out of the show's reality. (And this is a show that's already about four steps out.) I will say this, though: Chang is funny when he's breaking things, like when he's beating up a car with a keytar, breaking a lamp with nunchucks, or flipping over tables in the cafeteria.

14. Star-Burns (Dino Stamatopoulos)

While Star-Burns’ increasing attempts to stand out — adding a top hat to his ridiculous facial hair, etc. — are a nice background joke, they're not really laugh-out-loud funny. But the character does yeoman's work in smaller scenes. He lands this high on the list for one particularly glorious moment: when, as he slowly deteriorates from a horrifying zombie virus, he plaintively shouts out, “My name is Alex!” And no one cares.

13. Fat Neil (Charley Koontz)

Fat Neil is responsible for "Advanced Dungeons and Dragons," a truly hysterical episode of Community (though, in the show itself, he’s not so much funny as sad.) In previous episodes, he’s mostly used as a punching bag and a reaction-shot machine, but he places so high because his reaction shots are some of the best — pitiable, full of sadness, and still hilarious.

12. Garrett (Erik Charles Nielsen)

Garrett's sputtering, somehow-both-flat-and-excited manner could get annoying quickly, but the show knows to use him in small doses. His natural discomposure makes his big moments spot-on (like when he warns Jeff about the paintball game that's taken a turn for the serious), and his small moments wonderfully weird (like when he turns a three-word weather report for “Troy & Abed in the Morning” into a punchline).

11. Rich (Greg Cromer)

Also known as Doc Potterywood, Rich is the seemingly perfect guy who drives Jeff insane, and his unflinching earnestness is the perfect counterpoint to the group's moral failings. His good-boy routine is fun, but I like him best when he's dooming the group to death by zombie. (“I thought I was speeeeciaaaaal...”)

10. Vaughn (Eric Christian Olsen)   

"Hi. What's up?" "Hey, Vaughn." The perfect send-up of every pseudo-hippie, hacky-sack playing dude you ever met at college, Vaughn is the Rich before Rich — a polar opposite of Jeff, moving in on one of his ladies. He rambles about antioxidants. He says “lates” for “later.” He never wears a shirt. But best of all, he sings the classic Community songs "Getting Rid of Britta," and one I can only assume is called "Pierce You're a B."

9. Professor Ian Duncan (John Oliver)

What kind of psychologist do you have to be to end up at Greendale? A terrible, self-serving, alcoholic one, of course. Professor Duncan's open disregard for his job, the school, and many of its students — combined with, not going to lie, his British accent — make his appearances as caustic as they are welcome. His stand-out moment, though, is probably his terrible drunken rap at the Transfer Dance. You know what, I'll just go ahead and quote it: "My name's Ian Duncan and I'm here to say / I'm going to rap to the beat in a rapping way / I've got a real big penis and I drink lots of tea."

Commentarium (51 Comments)

Sep 21 11 - 11:34am

Completely wrong over Magnitude, Nerve, I can't even look at you now. He's a better Poochie than Poochie himself.

Sep 21 11 - 3:07pm

We all need to be vigilant of any plot thread in which Magnitude plans to visit his home planet.

Sep 21 11 - 11:15pm

Pop pop, my friends.

Pop pop.

Sep 21 11 - 1:10pm

This looks like a list of who just has the most tv air time.

Sep 21 11 - 1:20pm

Missing - Professor Holly, the pottery teacher. "No GHOSTING!" No love for Buster Bluth?

Sep 21 11 - 1:38pm

I mean, obviously Troy and Abed are actually tied for first place, but at least you had the sense to put them both at the top.

Sep 21 11 - 2:15pm

Troy would be nothing without Abed! Abed deserves first place without a doubt. I spent a couple of hours checking out the bloopers on Community. You should too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYZr_zpLRIE

Sep 21 11 - 2:28pm

Troy is my favorite character, but he only works to fill in the spots between Abed's characters and routines. Abed is #1.

Sep 21 11 - 3:02pm

Uh.... you take that back about Magnitude before I reach through the computer and END you.


Sep 21 11 - 3:06pm

Also, did you just analogize "Friends" to this show? That should bar you from any further commentary on "Community" for all time.

Sep 21 11 - 5:27pm


Sep 21 11 - 11:20pm

Even Abed compares Friends to Community

Sep 21 11 - 3:17pm



Sep 21 11 - 6:25pm

LOL Love that one!

Sep 21 11 - 3:45pm

Hmm... I think I prefer Abed over Troy. With Abed Troy is weaker but Abed can work on his own. Deffinately my favourite character.

And yeah, I give you hell for Senor Chang. He should be a lot higher. Apart from that I agree with this list, as much as it pains me to rank the characters from my favourite show.

Sep 22 11 - 10:47pm


Sep 21 11 - 4:23pm

Finally, somebody else recognizes that Senor Chang is not funny. Ken Jeong is funny. Senor Chang is not.

Sep 21 11 - 4:58pm

Senor Chang is friggin' hilarious so I disagree there!!! I know I'll get crap for this but I just don't think Chevy/Pierce is that funny. His character feels the most forced and I almost never laugh at anything he says or does. Big hearts for everyone else though!!!!!!!!!

Sep 22 11 - 2:11am

Britta? Is that you?

Sep 21 11 - 5:24pm

This list is awful.

Sep 21 11 - 5:26pm
Henry E.

Donald Glover should be 25th. He's the least funny. I'm so tired of hyper-active squealing people that get cheap laughs that way. And seriously, Patton Oswalt that low? That speaks for the rest of this article.

Sep 21 11 - 5:38pm

Abed is WAAAAYYYY funnier than Troy. WAY.

Apr 22 12 - 9:07am

Inflection is SOOOOOOO interesting

Sep 21 11 - 5:53pm

Wow, this list is completely off. Chang that far back on the list? Terrible. Also I like Donald Glover, but he is no where near the funniest person on the show. This list just made me angry.

Sep 21 11 - 6:36pm

Senior Chang is by far the biggest mistake with this list, he is awesome especially in second series he should be in top 5. Abed is by far number 1 and then pierce. Troy should be number 4.

Sep 21 11 - 9:25pm

Sorry, pal, Ken Jeong is good for nothing. Actually, he's pretty good in this show. Yeah, now that I think about it, you're totally right. I just don't like that guy in anything else. Who even cares about him?

Sep 21 11 - 9:27pm

Also, are you British? A British chap named Doddsy - boy, is there something I like about that. I once met a British guy named Giles and shat my Ps.

Sep 21 11 - 6:39pm

Did anybody see the Cougar Town episode, where Abed was randomly just hanging out in the background, overtly eavesdropping on the main characters??

Sep 21 11 - 7:17pm

Yeah I ended up looking for that clip and it was just so awkward.. lol.

Sep 21 11 - 6:55pm

Chang at 15?? Go to hell.

Sep 21 11 - 9:19pm

What about the Human Being???

Sep 21 11 - 9:24pm

You're not gonna find a bigger fan of 'mmunity than me - give me a glass of vino and my sweats and I'm giggles-deep before the theme song. But holy God Donald Glover is not funny. It's things like this list that make it painfully obvious that the general public should not be allowed to watch TV shows.

Also Aziz Ansari in Parks & Rec. blows, too.

Also, wait, now that I read the whole list, JBR can't rate any of these char'cs. Sorry, what was funny about Dino Stamatopoulos?

Sep 27 11 - 2:19pm

'Mmunity? Sigh. I really wanted to value your opinion, too.

Sep 21 11 - 9:34pm

Just wanna say that Abed's "oddly serious monologue" is a just another pop culture reference. It's reenactment of My Dinner with Andre, in which the titular character, Andre, talks about his own life changing experiences in a series of serious monologues. So, really, it's not odd at all!
Abed is nothing but brilliant.

Sep 21 11 - 9:54pm

The writers are the funniest thing about Community. That they have not won gads of awards is a travesty.

Sep 21 11 - 9:57pm

I go to UCLA and Donald Glover (Childish Gambino) came to our free concert last Sunday, and he was hella good! How is he so good at so many things??

Sep 22 11 - 10:43am

His rap is mind-blowing.

Sep 21 11 - 10:58pm

Shirley, Andre, starburns, professor Malcom, and Jeffs teacher girlfriend were never meant to be funny.

You could call this list characters the writer of this list likes the most, which is hard to agree with, but as it is the list is whack.

Pop Pop

Sep 22 11 - 1:24am

Would it kill nerve to get better writers?

Sep 22 11 - 3:26am

I'm gonna get soo much shit for this, but Shirley should be much higher, Britta much lower. Shirley's one liners are perfectly crafted.

Also, Pop pop.

Sep 22 11 - 3:31am

Magnitude's ranking invalidates this entire list. Pop-pop fo' life!

Sep 22 11 - 9:23am

How does Patton Oswalt even make the list when there's no room for Kevin Corrigan as Professor Professorson?

Sep 22 11 - 11:53am

WASTE OF TIME LIST. shirley funnier than Chang?! NO WAY. chang should be in the running for number one with abed and troy. and pierce

Sep 22 11 - 12:37pm

I guess it depends on how you balance season 1 vs. season 2. Season 1 Chang would deserve to be higher, but they were really scattershot with him in season 2. Same with the Abed vs. Troy debate in my mind. Season 1 was Abed (and I'd actually put Annie second), but Donald Glover would top the list for Season 2 in my opinion.

Sep 22 11 - 2:47pm
Rob H

Nerve got the top 3 right, and nailed it on Chang, but the rest of the cast is jumbled. Magnitude is top 15, and with apologies to Chevy Chase (love him, but he hasn't been funny since 1989), Pierce's character is just not funny at all.

Sep 27 11 - 12:17am

Any body who says Donald Glover is not funny should kill themselves. Seriously. He is number one undisputed. Who on the show a has highlight reel like this:

Oct 10 11 - 3:40am

Aight - chevy is not funny. sorry - he's everyone's least favorite character and never causes a laugh. maybe you've gotta be old. And both magnitude and vicki need to seriously move up this list. dedicated fans love these two.

May 13 12 - 9:23am

britta, annie, shirley and jeff are all stupid characters and annoying as hell. I could watch a show with just Abed, Troy, and Pierce. That would be hilarious.

May 20 12 - 12:43pm

I think you overrated Annie. You ranked Pierce well, but for the wrong reason. You were right when you said you would get hell for ranking Chang so low. How dare you. Personally, Jeff, Abed, and Troy are in a 3 way tie for me.

Jun 18 12 - 9:52pm
this list is shit

senor chang is one of the funniest characters of all time. and duncan is also hilarious. troy? seriously? no.

Aug 09 12 - 8:18pm
Hanna Titimets

Chang isn't funny. End of.