18. Angela Martin (Angela Kinsey)

The crazy cat-lady of the office, Angela, only finds pleasure in books like The Purpose Driven Life and people like Harry Connick, Jr. Oh, and also in potentially gay state senators, one of whom she’s currently dating. But even with her holier-than-thou ways, we still sort of think she’s funny. She’s the show’s weirdest character —- and yet we all know someone like her at work.


17. Meredith Palmer (Kate Flannery)

Every office needs a drunk — and Meredith is probably drunk enough for the entire building. She also has a habit of flashing people, both upstairs and downstairs. In real life, this kind of character would be sad. Lucky for us, The Office is a sitcom.


16. Toby Flenderson (Paul Lieberstein)

Trying to contain Michael Scott can’t be an easy job — maybe that’s why Toby’s the way that he is. He’s the most hated character in the office, which makes laughing at Toby somewhat of a sadistic endeavor. Even most of Michael’s jokes at his expense are often just mean. The best thing he ever did for The Office was leaving, and letting Holly come aboard.


15. Gabe Lewis (Zach Woods)

Gabe is such a recent addition to the show that we’re still finding out things about him. For instance, we know he’s incredibly insecure and prefers Hardware over WALL-E. Also, we know he’s not a very funny person, but is often put into funny situations. Occasionally, he’s also put into Lady Gaga costumes.


14. Phyllis Lapin-Vance (Phyllis Smith)

Get her to talk about Bob Vance of Vance Refrigeration, and she won’t stop blabbing. Otherwise, Phyllis is perfectly comfortable in the un-flashy role of being the office mom. Ryan even used her face on a bottle of his mom’s pesto.


13. Holly Flax (Amy Ryan)

Holly is the female Michael Scott, in more ways than one. She’s also, in the words of Jim, a “major dork.” She regularly talks like Yoda and E.T. and one time, along with Michael, acts out a Slumdog Millionaire-inspired skit for her coworkers.


12. Todd Packer (David Koechner)

A man who doesn’t know the meaning of “politically correct,” Packer will joke about homosexuality and Jews just as easily as he will take a dump on Michael’s carpet. Every show needs the over-the-top jokester, and that’s what we get with Todd.


11. Stanley Hudson (Leslie David Baker)

The Office writers have gotten a lot of mileage out of this one-note character (he doesn’t like working… in an office... unless it’s Pretzel Day), but to their credit, he’s never been unfunny or boring. Did I mention Pretzel Day?


10. Pam Halpert (Jenna Fischer)

It’s easy to point to Erin’s quirkiness and Todd Packer’s crass comedy as reasons why they’re funny. With Pam, it’s tougher, because she’s not laugh-out-loud hilarious; the receptionist-turned-office administrator is an under-the-radar comedic force. And just as Jenna Fischer has grown more comfortable playing Pam over the years, so too has Pam grown increasingly confident in herself. And that’s made her considerably more hilarious.

Commentarium (93 Comments)

Apr 22 11 - 12:43am

Why are Andy and Darryl in top 3??? Maybe top 10, I would understand. Dwight and Kevin need to replace that top 3 spots. Oh how I miss the old Office.

Apr 22 11 - 10:37am

Kevin is not funny at all. I hate what a cartoon character he has turned into. Andy definitely deserves top 3 status, though I do agree that Dwight does as well. Especially in earlier seasons. This year he has become too over-the-top.

May 22 11 - 2:01pm

Andy is for sure the funniest character besides Michael, but I don't think Daryl should be top 3, he is funny though. Also I think Ryan is hilarious now, but he wasn't as michaels boss

Apr 22 11 - 1:32am

Creed is the funniest. End of story.

Apr 22 11 - 4:08am

Agree. I love Creed.
I also don't find Pam funny at all.

Apr 22 11 - 10:38am
John Popper

Agreed on Creed, he's awesome. Pam is filler. And Jim has become filler as well this year.

Apr 22 11 - 4:19pm

Yep -Creed is the best. Kevin is not funny at all.

Apr 23 11 - 12:43am

creed is the winner. the ratio of his funniness with his on-screen time yield a much higher percentage of hahaha

Apr 23 11 - 3:14am

Creed is the funniest just because when he is telling his crazy sex and drug stories, he is barely playing a character...

Apr 24 11 - 2:38pm

Gilad Shalit is the funniest.... You should hear him cry for his mother every night!!!

Apr 25 11 - 7:40pm

Samah, you are horrible

Apr 27 11 - 7:12pm
samah has issues

samah u r clearly fucked up

Apr 27 12 - 10:07pm

agreed. creed is hands down the funniest. pam's voice just makes me wince.df i don't think the writer watched the show...s/he is basing funny on popularity.

Apr 22 11 - 4:04am

I always thought Stanley were the funniest.

Sep 23 11 - 2:59pm


Apr 22 11 - 7:24am

I'd rank Scott/Carrell as least funny. I never found him at all amusing, just annoying.

Apr 22 11 - 5:24pm


Apr 23 11 - 1:41am
low five

i wonder if this moops fella ever watches the show. it seems like if he/she found michael scott to be annoying and not at all amusing then they would NEVER watch it.

Apr 23 11 - 6:52am

I'm with Moops. I love The Office for all the other characters. For me, Michael is just a way to advance the main plot thread in each episode, and what is funny is how everyone else reacts to him. If it was just him, an not an ensemble cast, his antics would fall flat.

Apr 24 11 - 12:50am

True dat Qweg

Apr 27 11 - 1:30am

I'm confused as to why the author says that Michael Scott is great at his job. While he's not as blatantly incompetent as his equivalent on the UK Office, he's generally either drumming up drama or just wasting everybody's time. I think the piece also kind of misses the point of Stanley. It's not simply that he hates working in an office, more of it comes from the fact that he's tired of dealing with Michael's antics and thinly-veiled racism.

Apr 22 11 - 7:44am

Phyllis as least funny. Creed + Jim should be higher.

Apr 22 11 - 9:38am

Creed, Jim, Stanley, Phyllis, Dwight... those guys are the heavy hitters. Meredith? Please, I don't think she belonged as high as she ranked.

May 22 11 - 2:02pm

Andy is the funniest, then Dwight then Ryan (Michael Scott is the funniest of course)

Apr 22 11 - 9:40am

Gabe is way too high up. Jan deserves to be higher.

Apr 22 11 - 9:42am

Jan at #23, below Hank !?!?! Have you seen "The Dinner Party"?

Apr 22 11 - 10:38am

I'd put Jan higher... she has good timing and was hilarious in the baby shower episode.

Apr 22 11 - 11:59am
Secret Character

I don't even watch the office regularly but that dinner party is one of the funniest things I've ever seen. Also when she gets fired is pretty funny.

Apr 22 11 - 10:23am

Gabe,Todd, Pam, and Holly WAY too high up.
Creed got SHAFTED he has the best one-liners period.

Apr 22 11 - 10:44am

Best Darryl moment = Fluffy Fingers. When someone gets up in your face, just tickle him. Eventually you guys be laughing, forget what you were even fighting about.

Apr 22 11 - 12:56pm

Jan is hilarious. When Michael goes to tell her that he has syphilis and she starts singing to her daughter? Todd Packer is not.
I have so many problems with this list, I can't even...

Apr 22 11 - 2:06pm

Phyllis should be much higher, says me. The Bushiest Beaver award, the double date she and Bob had with Jim & Pam.......and best of all, the looks she gives the camera when mistreating Angela as the head of the Party Planning Committee.

Apr 22 11 - 2:41pm

I'd like to say good effort, but this list is just so off.

Apr 22 11 - 2:52pm

That was very enjoyable to read. However, something i disagree with. How is Angela so low! Shes hilarious. Also Creed coulda been a bit higher. And i think Jan is a good character too. Andy was a really good call though.

Apr 22 11 - 3:31pm

People still watch this?

Apr 22 11 - 3:32pm

Nope. No one watches this.

Apr 22 11 - 7:30pm

There is nothing funny about Jim. At all. Not the smuggy smirks, sarcastic remarks, or the lame pranks.

Apr 22 11 - 8:30pm

Pam is not funny!

Apr 25 11 - 4:35pm
Lee Harvey

Your post is, though.

Apr 25 11 - 6:04pm

Thanks brah.

Apr 22 11 - 8:34pm

Forget Michael. I stopped watching the shows bc he was so bad, it wasn't worth it to watch Jim and Pam and the rest of the cast.

Apr 22 11 - 11:00pm

Kind of a disastrous list to begin with since no one on the show is really all that funny in the traditional sense, but I like the effort ( maybe most likable would have been better?)
For the record I despise Andy and Helms is a one trick that was tired when he started his everyman/ unaware persona much less its 50 th iteration

Apr 23 11 - 5:35am

If you obviously dislike the show, then why the hell are you reading entire articles about it? Oh, I get it. You didn't read the article at all, you pathetic lurker.

Apr 22 11 - 11:09pm

Creed should be in the top 3! TeamCreed

Apr 22 11 - 11:26pm

Ugh, this list is terrible. How is Gabe even that high? Darryl before Kelly? Seriously?

Apr 22 11 - 11:37pm

Switch Jim, Darryl and Andy -WTF?- with Creed, Kevin, and Dwight, and who cares about the rest! Jim, Darryl and Andy arent that funny, IMHO.

Apr 23 11 - 12:06am

Jan, Erin and Oscar should be higher. And maybe Meredith.
Andy and Phyliss should be lower. Todd Packer and Kevin should be WAY lower.

Apr 23 11 - 12:28am

Kelly is not funny. Ever. She is dumb. Dwight Jim and Creed should be top three.

Apr 23 11 - 1:23am

Considering only the "main" characters (so no David Wallace, etc.) 19. Gabe / 18. Jan / 17. Kelly / 16. Pam / 15. Darryl / 14. Erin / 13. Phyllis / 12. Toby / 11. Oscar / 10. Ryan / 9. Andy / 8. Angela / 7. Meredith / 6. Jim / 5. Kevin / 4. Stanley / 3. Michael / 2. Dwight / 1. Creed

Jim hasn't been funny since he became a father figure - to Michael, instead of how his character originally viewed Michael - that Michael's an idiot.

Apr 23 11 - 3:38am

There is just so much wrong with this order im not going to even try. Ill just say Dwight or Creed should be #1

Apr 23 11 - 8:47am

Obviously, whoever wrote this recently just hear about the OFFICE, starting watching maybe three episodes, and decided to post this disaster of a list...
when the majority of the posts criticizes your selection, you know you've done something wrong.
thats the list - now and forever!

Apr 24 11 - 3:48pm

Yes, because most people agree with lists.

Apr 23 11 - 10:07am

False. Andy is NOT funnier than Dwight Kurt Schrute.

Apr 23 11 - 11:45am

This list just sucks

Apr 23 11 - 2:15pm

I agree that Kevin is becoming less funny as he becomes more cartoonish.

Apr 24 11 - 12:29am
Sexy Minx

(I especially hate: John Krasinski & Jenna Fischer (did they have a personality bypass?) and special mention goes out to Rashida Jones who is a sleeping pill in a dress.
...And since we're at it, PARKS AND RECREATION SUCKS
(Guess what! Amy Poehler's NOT funny.)

Apr 24 11 - 3:49pm


Apr 24 11 - 2:10pm

I have tried, but I never succumbed to whatever charms this show allegedly has. Don't like it a bit.

Apr 25 11 - 1:50am

Erin will always be my #1.

Apr 25 11 - 12:51pm

Creed gets great one liners...on dating.."Here's how I got Squeaky Fromme..."

Apr 25 11 - 12:54pm

I honestly don't think Toby's the most hated in the office, just simply the most hated by Michael. Everyone else seems to be at least okay with Toby, even Dwight.

Apr 25 11 - 1:02pm

I agree. Toby is the voice of reason that chaifes Micheals desires...

Apr 25 11 - 12:55pm

Jessica...Kelley is SUPPOSED to be dumb...she is also one of the shows writers...

Apr 25 11 - 1:36pm

All those people ahead of Packer and Creed, you've got to be kidding.

Oct 06 11 - 10:20pm
drew yyy

creed is really funny same with dwight

Apr 25 11 - 2:52pm

Erin is hilarious! She's below Gabe?!?! Gabe definitely deserves lower.

Apr 25 11 - 6:06pm

This list is unfortunately disappointing. Any true Office fan knows that any one of Angela, Phyllis and Stanley are light-years funnier than Darryl and Ryan.

Ranking Gabe above Angela is the biggest injustice. Have you seen Angela at her vindictive best? Benihana Christmas? Traveling Salesman/The Return? Fun Run? Launch Party? Gabe is a huge reason why The Office suffered in Season 6, and ranking him above any of the original characters makes no sense to me.

Apr 25 11 - 9:07pm

ERIN is SO FUNNY! You guys not paying attention?! Her earnest demeanor combined with her naive personality and lack of experience results in adorable hilarity. She might not be as clever as Jim or as endearingly awkward as Michael Scott, but to write her off as not funny? For shame.

Apr 26 11 - 10:58am

Agreed! Well put.

Apr 26 11 - 2:37pm

I agree not all characters are funny, but you need that. The show just would not be funny with 25 Michael Scotts.

Apr 26 11 - 2:58pm

Kevin is not only the least funny person on this show, but he's also the least funny person in TV history. He's made me laugh like 3 times over 6 seasons.

Apr 26 11 - 3:22pm

Aren't these characters "actors"......? If so then I think they all play their parts quite well. I may not "love" the show as much as some fans....but the character development and consistency has been very well done.

Creed gets excellent one-liners which probably fly over the head of anyone under 40.
Gabe's character is uselessly awkward.....but nut he is played well on the show.

Andy should be the "new" boss next year.....his cluelessness has been well established..

Apr 26 11 - 5:00pm

Get rid of Jan and that R-A-C-K??? NO WAY WADE

Apr 26 11 - 9:10pm

This is a travesty. Andy funnier than Dwight?!? DARRYL funnier than Dwight? Have you ever seen "The Injury" or "Dwight's Speech"??!?

Apr 27 11 - 3:54am

Ryan is getting no love here. His internet startup was hilarious.

Apr 27 11 - 4:19am

You don't really get The Office, do you?

Apr 27 11 - 4:39am

Jan at #23!? Who on Earth ranked this? Jan is one of the funniest characters on the show... ever! Must I remind you all of her 20-minute long "Son of a Preacher Man" serenade, or "The Dinner" episode? This is BS.

Apr 27 11 - 7:17pm

This blog post has to be provocative (otherwise it's a massive FAIL).

Michael's great at his job?

Darryl and Andy funny?

Meredith somewhere in the not-funny section?

Have you been watching the UK version or something? LOL.

Apr 30 11 - 5:07pm

Without Michael Scott the show will fail. he is by far the funniest character. writing Michael off the office is like killing off jack bauer in 24

May 10 11 - 12:32pm

Thanks for the article although i think Erin deserves way much more. she became one of the best character this year (not to mention her performance in the webisodes). and I also think that the reason why this show is great that all the characters are likeable in different ways so its obvious that all the fans have a different list like that.

May 15 11 - 2:47pm

I totally agree! Michael Scott forever also Kevins cool

Aug 04 11 - 3:13am

Honestly, I can't believe Jim and Dwight weren't the top two. Just look at all of Jim's pranks and Dwight's insane quotes. Michael should have still been in the top 3, because when he's funny he's freaking hilarious (such as his law and order audition), but he can also take it too far, to the point that it's just annoying. Creed and Kevin should have been lower. Creed's barely ever in the actual plot, and the only really funny Kevin situation was when Holly thought he was mentally unstable. Erin also should have been higher, she can say some funny things, and this list really didn't give her credit. I do agree with the top 10 for the most part, just not really in that order.

Aug 19 11 - 12:22am

come on... seriously? DWIGHT AT NUMBER 5? whats with that? he is by far the funniest character on the office... here are my rankings: and i also dont understand why jim is so high, he really isnt that funny
1. Dwight
2. Michael
3. Kelly
4. Kevin
5. Angela
6. Andy
7. Erin
8. Creed
9. Holly
10. Meredith

Pam and jim arent funny, they are just fillers. Oscar, Phyllis and Stanley have jokes played on them, but they are not intentionally funny.

Aug 19 11 - 12:29am
tiffanyyy ;)

DWIGHT ALL THE WAY hahahahah lol.
1. dwight
2. michael
3. creed
4. meredith
5. erin
6. andy
7. kevin
8. kelly
9. holly
10. angela

anybody agree? not agreeeee? i love the officeeeeeeee :) <3

Jan 09 12 - 5:28am

OMG Yes I agree. You are the one who has it right!!!

Aug 21 11 - 9:46am

Seriously, why is Jim even on this list? All he ever does is look at the camera and people just seem to find that hilarious. Pam was much better when she was the akward secretary. The show as a whole was much better when every other episode didn't revolve around the two most unappealing characters in TV history.

Sep 25 11 - 4:30am

How are Dwight and Jim not the top 2? there's no way Michael is the funniest character imo!

Oct 01 11 - 3:42pm

Pam and Darryl are 2 of the least funny characters on the office....Kevin sucks big ones too. 4 top characters without a question: Michael, Dwight, Andy, and Creed...Period.

Nov 06 11 - 5:31pm

y isn't dwight second funniest?

Nov 13 11 - 7:55am

CREED is by far the funniest character.

Nov 27 11 - 2:45am

This might be the worst show on TV! I have tried to watch but it is painful and u start to feel sorry for the characters. No laughs at all.

Feb 22 12 - 2:16pm
Matthew NY

The Erin is a pretty damn cat, wow! If it was a beauty, Pam and Erin would be leading in the second, plus the difference would be huge! Wow!

May 05 12 - 4:05pm

Haha.. this is immature. Jim , Dwight make the show..

Darrl in 3..hmm I wonder who wrote this review.