30. Anne Bancroft

With the raise of a leg, Anne Bancroft launched a million sexy dreams in the role of Mrs. Robinson in The Graduate.


29. Hilary Swank

At first I wasn't into the idea of HIlary Swank, but then I remembered that she won her first Oscar for her portrayal of Brandon Teena in Boys Don't Cry, which is a fantastic movie. 


28. Joan Crawford

Before the "No wire hangers"-era, Joan Crawford was an impressive actress who gained renown first as a 1920s flapper, then as one of the depression-era's most popular actresses. She was well known for her "rags to riches" characters, popular with the public during hard times. 


27. Bette Davis

Bette Davis was a forceful leading lady in the Hollywood studio era. She made her mark with forceful, intense characters and those cutting, lingering eyes.


26. Charlize Theron

Even though Charlize Theron was terrible in Prometheus, she did a killer job in Monster and was Michael Bluth's girlfriend in Arrested Development.


25. Ginger Rogers

Ginger Rogers is the smoothest dancer of the list, vastly increasing her sexiness in our eyes. 


24. Judy Holliday

Judy Holliday had an IQ of 172, in the 99.99% percentile. The sexiest. 


23. Jodie Foster

Jodie sort of 'came out' at this year's Golden Globes in an emotional speech that earned her acclaim. Not sure if this is related, but my mom did let me watch Nell as a small child, and Jodie Foster's boobs were the first movie boobs my tiny eyes had ever seen, which may account for her relatively high placement on this list.


22. Geraldine Page

Page was a trained Method actor. Nothing is sexier than being considered one of the greatest actors of all time. 


21. Julia Roberts

Sure, Julia Roberts is a little cheesy with that mile-wide smile, but there's something so welcoming about her. The role for which she won, Erin Brockavich, she was an attorney whom no one took seriously because of her sexiness, but she ended up being smarter and more ambitious than anyone else in the film. She demonstrates that overt sexiness is fun and wonderful, and that it doesn't detract from intelligence or the ability to get shit done. Amen.


20. Marion Cotillard

She got that sexy, eccentric French woman vibe. Negative points for trying to kill Batman. 


19. Susan Sarandon

Hell yes, Susan Sarandon. From Rocky Horror Picture Show to Thelma & Louise she's showcased her smarts and sexiness. These days she's running a ping pong bar (awesome) and dating a handsome gentleman thirty years her junior. Killing it.


18. Sissy Spacek

Sissy Spacek does sort of look like an alien, but in that sexy way. Plus, nothing is sexier than telekinesis. 


17. Ingrid Bergman

Woody Guthrie wrote a song about this beauty. Alfred Hitchcock fawned over her. We love a muse.


16. Anna Magnani

Film historian Barry Monush called Anna Magnani "the volcanic earth mother of all Italian cinema." Enough said.


15. Jessica Lange

From her Oscar-winning performance in  to her outstanding role in American Horror Story, Jessica Lange is an actress with unparalleled talent. Her epic confidence is agelessly sexy.


14. Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly was strikingly beautiful, much like a glowing angel is strikingly beautiful. She's a controversial figure at the Nerve office, with some petitioning for her advancement and others claiming her virginal beauty is none too sexy. We'll let you decide if she's misplaced. 


13. Helen Mirren

Last year, at age sixty-six, Dame Helen Mirren wowed the world with her svelte bikini body. From her film debut in 1969 in Age of Consent, Mirren's work has been sexually-charged. Lifetime sexiness award.


12. Audrey Hepburn

Sure, everyone is obsessed with Audrey Hepburn, and she was a great actress with a distinct look, but she's scarcely sexy. Even in Breakfast at Tiffany's, a film in which she essentially plays an escort, there's something a bit lacking in her sex appeal. Though not top ten material, she was a sexy lady.


11. Maggie Smith

Dame Maggie Smith's outstanding career has spanned over six decades. Her awards and nominations occupy an entire, extremely long Wikipedia page. She's played gay man's beard, a good witch, and the Dowager. 


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