There Are No Limits to Our ‘Serial’ Podcast Obsession

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Symptoms of porn addiction are as follows: exhaustion, feeling immobilized due to emotional obsession, reduction in time spent socializing, compulsive fantasizing, and the willingness to trade money or things for faster consumption.

It may be far from a tits-and-ass spectacle, but I have endured and am willing to endure all of the above for the podcast Serial.

Really, I am butt-stupid obsessed with the record-breaking true crime podcast surrounding the 1999 murder of high school senior Hae Min Lee. Like any libidinous consumer, I ignore good logic to hunt for money shots in hardly-touched places (Jay’s testimony, Nisha call) and stoop low for the anonymous thrills. I hunt through the annals of Reddit for the murmurs of armchair detectives. I’m drawn to YouTube recreations of the murder route. I even run a Serial listening party every Thursday morning that is cloyingly called Milk & Serial. Most telling of all, it has rapidly transformed the very integrity of my Google search history. Post-Serial thrall, it looks something like this:


Best of all, I know yours does too.

Chart by Michelle Rial. See the rest of her hilarious Serial charts at The Bold Italic.