Surprising Photo Series Features Hundreds of People with Hidden Tattoos

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Can you keep a secret?

While out promoting the release of her 42nd studio album, the all-time queen of country music Dolly Parton stopped by to chat with Today's Savannah Guthrie. The "9 to 5" singer was open and honest about her nontraditional beauty routine and owned up to the fact that she has a few secret tattoos. "They're not where you can see them," she quips, "they're mainly for my husband."

Vancouver-based photographer Spencer Kovats began a super-sized photo series over four years ago, featuring hundreds of participants revealing their hidden tattoos with side-by-side portraits.The project was eventually turned into a book, The Tattoo Project: Body, Art, Image, featuring the full 200 images. Each individual's ink varies in size, color, and style, but seems to blend perfectly with the visual personality shown by their photo. Here's a look at some of the photos from the series. 

Images may be deemed NSFW

[h/t My Modern Met]