5. Caroline Polachek (Chairlift)

Polachek is currently neck-and-neck (God, that's sexy) with Class Actress' Elizabeth Harper for the "Most Angelically Beautiful Frontwoman of an '80s-Obsessed Synthpop Band" award. But she's got her hands in all kinds of other fields of sexiness as well: she's collaborated on several projects with lingerie brand The Lake & Stars. Also, she performed live dressed like this at a live show in Tasmania. That is all.

Listen: "Amanaemonesia"


4. Alexis Krauss (Sleigh Bells)

There's something cartoonish about Sleigh Bells' over-the-top vision of noisey pop-metal. But cartoonish or not, seeing a studded-leather-jacket and cut-offs-clad Alexis Krauss power-strut out in front of a wall of Marshall amps, point to the crowd, and yell "Enemies, on your knees!" is not something you're likely to forget. Of course, whether it's more strongly imprinted on your brain or your loins depends on your own preferences for raven-haired, charismatic women. Actually, strike that: everyone loves raven-haired, charismatic women. Enemies, on your knees, indeed.

Listen: "Comeback Kid"


3. Santi White (Santigold)

Santigold's most recent album, Master of My Make Believe, had an outsize scope to it that made it seem like White was hell-bent on making sure no one would ever confuse her with M.I.A. again. "People want my power" she crows on the album opener "GO!," and the rest of the album finds her presiding over a dizzying array of swooning electronic beats and textures like a very sexy, iron-fisted queen. Consider me cowed.

Listen: "GO!"


2. Chan Marshall (Cat Power)

In September, Chan Marshall is putting out Sun, her first original music as Cat Power in six years. And that makes all very pants-excited — however erratic her personal life has been, her work has never suffered. Marshall has also dabbled in film and modeling: Karl Lagerfield claims to have seen her smoking outside New York's Mercer Hotel, and on the strength of that image, was moved to sign her as the new face of Chanel. If I were sassier, this is where'd I'd make a cat noise, but I just can't stop staring at her picture.

Listen: "Ruin"


1. Annie Clark (St. Vincent)

Do not stare directly into Annie Clark's eyes. They are deep limpid pools from which no mortal man or woman can escape. And just when you think she's an impossibly beautiful porcelain doll likely to shatter with the next abrupt temperature change, she'll melt your face with a guitar solo, because that's just how she rolls. If the sexiness of one's company reflects back on oneself, then Clark's reign will only continue: she's slated to release an album with another dashing oddball, David Byrne, in September.

Listen: "Who" (with David Byrne)

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