The Wild Airbnb Sex Party Scandal Might Become a Movie

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When life gives you a BBW orgy, you make lemonade.

A hapless businessman rents out his apartment to a friendly stranger, only to come home and find a BBW Pantie Raid Party, a flipped over white coach, a condom and alcohol littered floor, and over $24,000 in damage. Does that sound like the script to an '80s teen sex comedy or a Weekend at Bernie's caliber plot contrivance? Ari Teman, the entrepreneur and comedian who was famously the victim of vandalism last month when he rented out his New York City apartment through Airbnb to a man who held a crazy $20/person sex orgy, is hoping that it will fly in Hollywood. 

After leveraging the "XXX Freakfest" into the number one trending topic on Facebook, getting Airbnb to put him up in a hotel and reimburse him $23,000, publicizing the story to BuzzFeed, Gawker, and Gothamist, and making 27 different radio show appearances, it's safe to say that our man Mr. Teman is a hustler. A fact he is completely and utterly unashamed of. In an interview with the Huffington Post's Small Business section, the burgeoning comedian and nonprofit founder admitted that he methodically parlayed the sex party into a viral story in hopes to get a potential film deal.

Citing Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, The Checklist Manifesto, and a media "sneezing" technique, Teman's approach to getting his story out there was highly formulaic and opportunistic, but we still all read it — and look, we're still writing about it. Teman is now reportedly in talks for a film or TV series based upon his anomalous Airbnb sex orgy story. But how one would possibly turn a Airbnb BBW (that Big Beautiful Women for those of you who don't know) orgy anecdote into a nine-season-long extended CBS meet-cute is very uncertain.

"As an entrepreneur, luck always shows up, but you can't let it pass you by," Teman told Huffington Post. Only in Teman's case, it wasn't luck that showed up. It was dozens of rowdy swingers trying to hump on his newly reupholstered white couch. (Who, in the age of breakfast tacos, still buys a white couch?)

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