The Best ‘House of Cards’ Questions and Answers from #AskHOC on Twitter

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Featuring a surprise cameo by Aaron Paul.

The cast of Netflix's House of Cards and creator Beau Willimon hosted a Twitter-wide Q&A session this afternoon, answering fan questions tagged #AskHOC. This results were, predictably, spectacular. (Warning: spoilers to follow.)

Willimon explained the meaning behind the show's iconic logo.

Robin Wright (Claire Underwood) dished on the Second Lady's impeccable style and her favorite designers.

When a fan asked if he was jealous that Cashew "stole the show," Kevin Spacey (Frank Underwood) threatened to demote his adorable guinea pig costar to craft services.

But Cashew's roommate, Jimmi Simpson (Gavin Orsay), was quick to come to his defense.

Michael Kelly (Douglas Stamper) offered a refreshingly out-of-character explanation for his angst over Rachel Posner.

And Rachel Brosnahan (Rachel Posner) addressed the weirdness of playing a character that shares her name.

When a fan asked which character he'd like to take to jail with him, Sebastian Arcelus (Lucas Goodwin) pledged revenge against Frank. (Can you blame him?)

Though most of the cast did their best to avoid spoilers, Kate Mara (Zoe Barnes) couldn't resist.

Then — just when we least expected it — Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul jumped in and won the whole thing.