Which “Arrested Development” Character Would You Ask for Sex Advice?

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"Probably Tobias because he is so scared of it. He’s such a never-nude."

This week, Bluth's Original Frozen Banana Stand hit the streets of New York City in preparation for the hugely anticipated release of Arrested Development's season four on Netflix. Delicious frozen bananas were consumed by the masses and more than one of us was named Mr. Manager by the end of the day. We spoke with some Arrested Development fanatics about the Bluths and love as they geared up for May 26th.


Who is your favorite Bluth?
Lucille! Gotta love a matriarch. She's a tough cookie.

You’re wearing a Grateful Dead t-shirt. Did you notice we’re meeting at the Big Yellow Joint?
Oh, yes. I’m sure Grateful Dead fans would prefer a hash-infused frozen banana. 


Jake, Sarah, Mia

Who is your favorite Bluth?
Mia: Gob!
Sarah: I’m mostly here for my friend…so I don't really have an opinion… [Looks dazed in a sea of rabid AD fans, all quoting the show loudly to one another]
Jake: I gotta go with Tobias. He's honestly the funniest one.

Okay, so if you had to get sex advice from one character, who would you choose?
Mia: Maeby. She definitely looks like she has grown up and you know, would know stuff.
Jake: Definitely not Tobias. He isn't really one for sex…he wears those shorts. So I guess I say Maeby, too. She seems fearless and like a straight-shooter. 

What college do you think George Michael will attend in season 4?
Mia: Yale. He definitely went Dartmouth or Harvard. Some over-achieving place. Or maybe he had a nervous breakdown and had to go to community college.

Who’s your favorite extraneous character?
Jake: Gene Parmesan, without a doubt. He's that private eye who is always in disguise. I mainly like him because of Lucille's shriek every time he comes around.
Mia: Tony Wonder! One of Ben Stiller's better acting moments.


Chad and Kevin

If you had to get sex advice from a member of the Bluth family, who would it be?
Chad: Gob. Come on!
Kevin: I would say Gob, too. He kind of holds the whole series together.

Have you seen the new season 4 trailer?
Chad: It looks great!!

What do you most want to see in the next season?
Chad: We definitely want to see Annyong. That deserves development. He never got enough screen time.

Do you think Tobias will blue himself again?
Kevin: I hope so. I can't tell if that'd be pushing it, though.

Jen, Anita

Who’s your favorite Bluth?
Jen: Oh god, that’s hard. Tobias.
Anita: Probably Tobias with Lucille coming in at a close second.

Which Bluth would you get sex advice from?
Jen: Probably Tobias because he is so scared of it. He’s such a never-nude.
Anita: I’d have to go with Lucille. She’s clearly been around the block and may have some life advice to offer. Her wisdom in the bedroom would probably be quite fruitful.

What’d you think of the season 4 trailer?
Jen: I loved it, but it needed more chicken dance.

Who has the best chicken dance?
Jen and Anita: Gob!



Sam: How come there is nobody else here my age?
You just must be the only one with good taste over forty.

Who is your favorite Bluth?
Sam: Tobias is just the most hilarious.

Who do you think was the woman Michael should have ended up with?
Sam: George Michael's teacher. The ethics teacher. Definitely. Heather Graham!

What do you most want to see in the new season?
Sam: What about that gopher guy who had a crush on Maeby?

I have no idea what you're talking about.
Sam: That was a deleted scene.

Now you're just showing off.

Ben, Becca, Mike

Who's your favorite Bluth?
Mike: Uh, Gob. 
Becca: Same.
Ben: I’m gonna have to say Buster. Though I know that's not a popular one.

If you were to get sex advice from a Bluth, who would you choose?
Ben: Tobias. He's a weird dude.
Mike: I'd go with Tobias, too. I think he'd have a new take on things. Like how to finally take off your underwear.
Becca: None. Of. Them.

Have you guys seen the season 4 trailer?
Mike: It looks really like a movie. The way it is shot is all different. But it looks like the humor will be the same. I hope it’s not cinematic.
Ben: Eh, it looks the same.

Has Arrested Development ever gotten you laid?
Ben: Yes, my trivia team was called Steve Holt and I’ve met ladies there. So, technically, yes.
Becca: Can’t say it has.
Mike: Nope!


Troy, Meghan, Paul

Who's your favorite Bluth?
Troy: I probably have to go with George Michael.
Meghan: It’s a tie between Gob and Buster, but I guess Buster makes me laugh the most.
Paul: Gob. He's the man.

If you had to get sex advice from any Bluth, who would you choose?
Troy: Tobias Funke. I just think you'd get the most interesting answers out of that guy.
Meghan: Gob! He has a lot of one night stands.
Paul: Ann! (not a Bluth, but we’ll accept it). She’s had relations…secular ones.

Who was Michael’s best love interest?
Troy: Maggie Lizer. The blind lawyer. I loved her.
Meghan: The hot woman from his childhood. I think her name was Sally Sitwell.
Paul: Oh yeah, Sally Stickwell.

Who's your favorite extraneous character?
Troy: Ann’s dad. Even though that's random.
Meghan: Ice the bounty hunter!
Paul: Carl Weathers. He was always trying to suck the most out of life… and everybody around him.

Has Arrested Development ever gotten you laid?
Troy: No, I think it’s gotten me further from it. I was too into it. “Oh, you’re watching this? I gotta go…”
Meghan: Yes
Paul: Yes!


Debbie and Katie

Who’s your favorite Bluth?
Debbie: Lucille!
Katie: Who is Ellen's wife? Oh, Lindsay.

Which Bluth would you get sex advice from?
Debbie: Gob, I guess. Because he actually has sex. Do other Bluths have sex?