There’s Now an Amazing App That Gets You Out of Obnoxious Group Texts For Good

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A light at the end of the proverbial and emoji-laden tunnel.

Everyone has been in a group text they wish they could get out of. I've been in one that was with my best friends and a girlfriend of one of them that I  absolutely hated. Jessa Duggar is in one with her parents and Ben, the dude that's courting her (this is awkward and much, much weirder than normal 19 Kids BS, right?). We all have wished there was an easy way out of them without hurting anyone's feelings, but it seem like no one was providing a light at the end of the proverbial and emoji-laden tunnel.

That's where GroupXiT comes in. Not only does it allow you to "stealthily remove yourself from group texting threads you’re no longer interested in." It also gives you the option to block the messages sent by that really freakin' annoying person in the chat that can't have a conversation shorter than 17 individual texts. 

It's only $1.99, which seems worth it for the amount of suffering group chats seem to inflict on their members.The only downside? It's only available for SMS messaging.

Damn you, iMessage.

[h/t BetaBeat]

Image via Ian Iott