This Guy Mapped Out the Entire ‘Kill Bill’ Timeline So You Don’t Have To

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"Chronology is for dweebs." – Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino has pretty much cemented himself as an all-star filmmaker. He consistently brings us cult hits, amazing action, and in recent years, Academy Award-winning films that tackle tightly-wound issues with a humor and dexterity that few could match. Along with that superb storytelling comes artistic freedom and sometimes, a hell of a lot of confusion. Thankfully, Noah Smith is here to help. 

Flavorwire found Mr. Smith's most recent gem in the form of a chronological Kill Bill infographic/timeline. As anyone who has seen a Tarantino movie can attest, time flow and general chronology don't really make sense until the end — if at all. (What was in the suitcase?) Add in the fact that Kill Bill was one giant non-linear film that was cut in two and you've got some hefty keeping track of things to do. 

With clear labels and oddly accurate minimalist artwork, the graphic brings some of the simple, yet intricate, joy of a Tarantino movie to an affordably priced poster. Order one here and enjoy it with a great movie during a rainy spring. 

See enlarged over at Flavorwire.

Image via Noah Smith