This Israeli Ad Was Banned for Having Too Much Hipster Puppet-on-Bar Refaeli Sex

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The underwear commercial can only be shown after 10 pm. 

Bar Refaeli is an Israeli model who dated Leonardo Dicaprio from 2005 to 2011. If this commercial for Hoodies boxer briefs is a documentary, which I choose to believe it is, she left Leo for a puppet. A purple Muppet-like humanoid puppet with chest and armpit fuzz and the half-lidded eyes, big nose, and facial hair stylings of a French rock star.

In the commercial, the puppet has a nightmare that there are three sexually insatiable Bar Refaelis and he has a tiny puppet-penis, but then he wakes up and sees there's only one sexually insatiable Bar Refaeli and his puppet-penis is regular sized. The commercial was banned from Israeli daytime TV for being too sexy. "Too many sexual insinuations," the Israeli version of the FCC said. First of all, there are no insinuations. An insinuation is a winking sexual allusion. This commercial depicts a Muppet seconds after ejaculation. Second of all, the Israeli FCC is puppetist and should be shamed for being unwilling to show a beautiful romance between a swimsuit model and a sleazy puppet. Because this is a documentary. 

[h/t The Week]

Image via Youtube.