This NYC-Themed Japanese Vitamin Water Commercial Is Totally Bonkers

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Featuring music by Heems (from Das Racist) as he loses his mind.


I don't understand this commercial, but I like it. What does New York City have to do with coconut-flavored Vitamin Water? Coconuts don't grow in New York. Is it because Vitamin Water is from Queens, as is Heems, whose half-rapping, half-ranting soundtracks the commercial. Is it because 50 Cent, the rapper with his own Vitamin Water, also hails from Queens? That seems like the kind of connection that only I would make, so that's probably not it. It's probably because Heems is Queens' greatest rapper of the moment (Queens is historically the greatest borough in rap, don't argue), and Japanese commercials are notoriously weird. There is no real why. It's a turntable-headed guy moonwalking around New York City. Just enjoy it. (And, you know, buy some Vitamin Water.)