Top 5 Bugs You Should Not Have Sex With

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If you were on the fence about human-insect coitus, this article is for you.


Have you ever had the thought, "My sex life is pretty good, but you know what would make it better? Fucking a bug!"

If so: please stop reading this article immediately and move to the remote woods of Wisconsin like Bon Iver because you need to be removed from the general population indefinitely. 

If you answered no: feel free to take a look at the top five least fuckable insects the freaky freaks over at Buzz Hoot Roar came up with. 

My pick? Bedbugs- because when I'm inseminated, I strongly prefer it not to be via a stab to the stomach from a bug's sword-dick.

Just one of those "thangs" I guess.




Images via Buzz Hoot Roar and Veer