Amy Poehler’s Brother Is the Star of a Hilarious Swedish Sitcom

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Greg Poehler's semi-autobiographical show, which Amy exec produces, is the former lawyer's first acting role. 

Greg Poehler is Amy Poehler's younger brother. He looks like Greg Kinnear. He's funny on Twitter. Time did a small round-up about what's known about him. He's the creator, writer, producer, and star of Welcome to Sweden, a semi-autobiographical show about a New York accountant who moves to Sweden to be with his girlfriend. He struggles with adjusting to his new life, including being around his girlfriend's kooky family, and with his former client, played by Amy, back in America. Welcome to Sweden is the first English-language show on Sweden's TV4, and it premieres on March 21. NBC, Parks & Rec's network, has the American rights, but no word yet on when and if it will air. It seems funny! Here's the Swedish trailer, and a behind-the-scenes clip of Amy and Greg. 

Image via Youtube/TV4