Jimmy Kimmel Asks Adorable Kids to Reveal the Naughtiest Words They Know

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Get ready for your heart to melt.

Inspired by a viral video of a little boy saying all the bad words he knows, which mostly consist of "butt + [other body part]," for example "buttteeth," Jimmy Kimmel Live took to the streets of Hollywood to find darling precocious children and persuade them to say the worst words they know. What these kids say makes me want to smoosh these kids' cheeks because they're too cute and I can't handle it. Your idea of a dirty word is "donkey?" C'mon, little girl, you're killing me! These kids are much more innocent than I was. I knew the word "fuckstick" when I was like eleven months old. And now I write for Nerve. Hmmm. 

[h/t Complex]

image via Youtube.