Silly Guys! Summer’s Eve Is A Women’s-Only Wash For Their Lady-Holes

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If you're looking for some good ol' tone-deaf gender stereotypes you've come to the right commercial.

On a scale of one to demoralizing, watching a Summer's Eve commercial is right up there with being caught masturbating by your roommate, lighting yourself on fire, or listening to your 89-year old great aunt gum a sandwich in a small room. 10 out of 10 times it's the worst possible thing you could do, every time.

Summer's Eve, for those of you who aren't familiar, is a line of feminine hygiene products formulated for your 'V." And by "V" of course, the Summer's Eve ad execs are referring to your smelly ol' poontang. After all they are the originators of the "not so fresh feeling."

You might have already seen their "Hail to the V" ad campaign where a guy with unusual forearms is lathering up in the shower with his girlfriend noting how Summer's Eve is "gentler than soap which makes it perfectly formulated for a woman's V." "Ruh?" he Scooby-Doo grunts, looking down at the bottle in shock, "Nooooorrrr! Now I gitta go chop some wood, eat some raw eggs and pull a sedan with my teeth because that is how much I do not want to be associated with your vagina!"

This is not the first time that Summer's Eve has done some dumb-ass, tone deaf, bullshit. In 2011 one of their commercials featured scenes of ninjas and knights fighting for women's affection with a female narrator purring in a faux British accent, "It's the cradle of life. It's the center of civilization. Over the ages and throughout the world, men have fought for it, battled for it, even died for it. One might say it's the most powerful thing on earth." And ending with, "So come on ladies, show it some love."

Is that all you think of me, Summer's Eve? That I'm just sitting around alternately washing, douching, and spraying my "V" all day while my dumpy boyfriend rides a lawn mower in a knight's helmet? Well you're wrong, I'm writing about sex stuff and eating chips and I don't have time for your bullshit. 

Axe got it right with their "Wash Your Balls" commercial. It was light and playful, making great innuendos and somehow managing not to treat guys like their dicks were golden gods or shame anyone's body (even that guy who had a big ol' dirty ballsack). 

You know that when Axe Body Spray is your example of excellence then you have done something really stupid. So instead of perpetuating some inane gender binary garbage, why not just advertise Summer's Eve as what it actually is: a product that no one needs.

Image via YouTube