Which Lannister I Want To See Die This Sunday

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After the Red Wedding, my only thought was, "What about the Lannisters?"


Warning: This article contains massive spoilers from Episode 9

“Show them how it feels to lose what they love,” Lady Stark instructed Robb at the beginning of the last episode of Game of Thrones. Lady Stark was able to inflict some revenge on the Freys before she was killed, but what about the Lannisters? 

To gear up for an epic season finale this Sunday June 9, here's a breakdown of the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to the Lannisters, along with a rating from one to five based on how badly each character deserves to die (five being, they just really need to die). 


Cersei obviously looks up to her father and instructs Joffrey that anyone who is not a part of their family is an enemy. Unlike Jaime, Cersei hates her younger brother and doesn't seem to care for anyone outside of her family. 

Although she isn't as cruel as her eldest son, Cersei enjoys tormenting her enemies – or in other words, anyone who isn't a Lannister. Cersei's softer side is shown in her affection toward her children, but she is still far from a good mother. Her over-indulgence in Joffrey only contributes to his out-of-control behavior. She's the one who taught Joffrey that he has the power to create his own truth and pretty much get away with whatever the hell he wants.

Deserve to Die Rating: ***


Unlike most of the other Lannisters, Jaime occasionally shows concern for people outside of the family. Despite taunting and provoking Brienne in earlier scenes, Jaime lies to save her from being raped.  When his lies actually get her into more trouble, he comes to her rescue – even though she has sworn her sword to Lady Stark. 

It's questionable on whether faithfulness in an incestuous relationship can actually be counted as a positive attribute, but Jaime is faithful to Cersei. And with the exception of the two youngest children, Jamie is the only Lannister who truly seems to care for Tyrion. 

On the other hand, Jaime has attempted to murder a small child, murdered his own kin and assassinated a king he had sworn to protect. Known throughout the realm as the Kingslayer, it is well known that Jaime broke his vows as a member of the Kingsguard to slay King Aerys. What isn't as well known is that Jaime felt he had to kill the Mad King in order to save King's Landing.

Deserve to Die Rating: **


With his quick wit and self-deprecating charm, Tyrion is easily the most likeable Lannister – even George RR Martin admits that he's his favorite. Although Tyrion often tries to guard it, he has a big heart – made apparent by the way he quickly fell in love with his first wife and Shae.  And in his own words, Tyrion has a soft spot for “cripples, bastards and broken things.”

Despite his kindness, Tyrion doesn't sugar coat anything. He bluntly calls Bran Stark a cripple and Jon Snow a bastard, but his words come from a good place. He knows first hand that it's harder for someone to hurt you, if you accept your own shortcomings (no pun intended).

Tyrion displays his ugliest behavior toward his eldest nephew. But even when Tyrion slaps his nephew Joffrey or calls him out on his behavior, he isn't really being a bad guy, because well, it's Joffrey we're talking about. And Tyrion is one of the only people to show the kid any type of discipline.

Deserve to Die Rating: *


It's a struggle to come up with any redeemable qualities in Joffrey. Early in the first season, we see that Joffrey is a liar and a coward with an appetite for cruelty and torture, and things only get worse from there. Hell, he's even threatened his own mother's life.

Whether ordering Lord Stark's death or playing twisted games with whores, Joffrey is obviously one sick kid. While other Lannisters are often inspired by either love or power, Joffrey takes pleasure in harming others just for the hell of it. He has a temper and a sadistic streak that are unmatched by anyone else in the family.

Obviously, Joffrey deserves to die, but without his family's backing, he is powerless. He isn't cunning enough to accomplish much on his own. 

Deserve to Die Rating: ****


Apparently, Tywin was once in love with his late wife Joanna, but since her death he has become cold toward the rest of his family.  Although some may assume it was affection or fatherly love that caused Tywin to start a full-fledged war when his sons were captured, really his children are just pawns to him.      When it comes to his children and grandchildren, he only cares about what they can do for him and the Lannister legacy.

Tywin has been responsible for some pretty gruesome stuff. He once forced an annulment of Tyrion's marriage to a commoner, and then made his son watch as he ordered his guards to have sex with her. During Robert's rebellion, Tywin pretended he had come to defend the castle, but instead ordered the massacre of the entire royal family. More recently, he had a hand in the gruesome Red Wedding. 

Because Tywin was such a cold-hearted father, all of his children have turned out pretty emotionally damaged. Tywin may be able to control his temper more than his horrible nephew, but that just makes him more dangerous.

Deserve to Die Rating: *****