Wait, What Did This Guy On ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Say?

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Is there a bigger gulf between related TV shows than Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune? In order to become a contestant on Jeopardy, a person needs to prove that they're smart by running a battery of difficult tests demonstrating knowledge and psychological endurance. Contestants on Wheel of Fortune, on the other hand, have to demonstrate that they can stand in one place without drooling too much. And sometimes that's really, really hard. Fortunately for us viewers, The low bar for entry on Wheel of Fortune gives us wonderful moments of brain flatulence like "self potato" and now "Surf Clay Where We Go" 

The answer, of course, was "Surf City Here We Come," a fake Beach Boys song from 1963 by Jan & Dean. But he said "Surf Clay Where We Go." Whaaaaa? My dude, you added a letter to "here." It's a four-letter word. "Where" is five letters. Did you even read the clue? Also, the last word was already solved! Incredible. Also, how great is Pat Sajak's "uhhh, no?"  Here's a Vine, so you can watch this magical moment of Wheel of Fortune failure forever. 

[h/t Death & Taxes]

Image via CBS.