Watch an Artist Give Birth to a Painting, By Which I Mean Squeeze Paint out of Her Vagina

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The worst part of Swiss artist Milo Moire's piece is its title: 'PlopEgg Performance Painting.' 

I wish comedy was as funny as performance art. Performance art is tough to mock, because it operates at such a level of self-parody anyway. If a comedian was writing a sketch about performance art, she might come up with a character who paints by straddling two sawhorses naked and dropping paintballs out of her hoo-ha onto a canvas below. This character would be German and say things like "[this project is] about the creation fear, the symbolic strength of the casual, and the creative power of the femininity." The comedian would call the artist's project "PlopEgg," because that would be the dumbest, grossest title she could think of. 

But this is all real. The artist is Swiss, but the video below takes place in Germany, so close enough. When I watch this, I feel like I'm being Punk'd. But apparently "PlopEgg" is for real. My proposed moratorium still stands. 

[h/t HuffPo Arts & Culture]

Image via Youtube.